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  1. Projectile weapons are kinda meh in practice in online play. There's nothing unskillful about hitscan weapons. If a hitscan weapon for example had 0 aim assist, 0 magnetism, 0 spread and the hitboxes were decent, it's a perfectly legitimate weapon that would entirely revolve around player skill.
  2. This isn't what people don't like about the game. It's not simply that they are getting matched with players/parties that are equal to them in skill. It's what you have to do in the game in order to do well. You have to sweat in Halo 5. Getting matched up with even games in Halo 2 and 3 was really enjoyable. Somebody has already said it; in H5 there's so many more things you have to worry about that you shouldn't have to. Ridiculous autos mean that you have to be looking all around you 24/7 to make sure you're not going to get jumped by a Storm/SMG/AR. There's all the sprinting, clambering, sliding, boosting, the game is just much more frantic and fast paced. You almost need an adrenaline shot before getting into a game. Two things can both require skill while being very different experiences. Compare chess and boxing. In the first one, you're likely sitting in a comfy chair in an air conditioned room. In boxing, you're sweating like mad and constantly getting punched in the face. I know which one I'd rather try to get good at. H5 is a different type of experience from past Halos like 1, 2 and 3, and is more like boxing than chess.
  3. SMH. The Halo 2 & 3 BR was 4 head shots vs 7 body shots. That's profoundly different to 5 head shots vs 6 body shots for the DMR in Halo 5, and where the BR is 4 vs 6, among other atrocities.
  4. Why aren't more people disturbed about the fact that there's a very small discrepancy in kill times between body shots and head shots in this game. 5 shots to the head vs 6 to the body with a DMR, 3 shots to head vs 4 shots to the body with a Light Rifle, and the list goes on. I mean come on, that's ridiculous.
  5. "OS camping" has counterplay though, as you can burn their OS by just shooting and retreating. There's no equivalent tactic to effectively counter somebody camping with rockets. With OS, the player is incentivized to chase down an opponent to take advantage of the extra shielding while it lasts, whereas with rockets the player is incentivized to play it safe and wait for an easy kill. If OS provided counterplay to rockets, then the rocket guy would like to move to try and prevent the other team from getting it, which improves map flow. The map design argument is of course valid, but it's not the whole story because some maps simply can't help but make rockets ridiculous due to being room-based or whatever. I have no problems at all with rockets on maps like Hang 'em etc, but it can be pretty obnoxious on maps like Chill Out and Decidia and there's nothing inherently wrong with the design of those maps, it's the fault of the sandbox on that occasion.
  6. The OS is inherently offensive though. It's meant to enable an aggressive push, it's not a defensive tool. If anything, the rocket launcher is more defensive, it enables and rewards passive play where you can camp and lock down a portion of the map. The OS often isn't placed in a more favorable location than rockets and it also can't be naded to you so you literally have to put yourself in a vulnerable and predictable spot to get it unlike the launcher.
  7. For one, we gain a means of dealing with rocket campers. I just think that rockets would be a bit less brainless if OS was able to keep it in check.
  8. I don't believe it would defeat the entire purpose since rockets would still be the best weapon in the game. It wouldn't change the flow much either as rockets would still be much more rewarding to control than OS.
  9. Nah, in CE a rocket to the ground can kill full OS. That's what I don't like. The rocket splash damage is very black-or-white, it either deals 300 damage (base shield is 75) within the maximum damage area (which has a very large radius) or it deals about 100 in the minimum damage area, which a non-OS player can survive anyway. That basically means that having OS makes very little difference in an encounter against the rocket guy. I'd be ok with that. That could create an interesting interaction between Rockets and OS.
  10. So after playing CE on the PC a ton the last week, I'd reduce rockets max damage so that OS can live a hit from it. The normal interaction would be unaffected, it's purely so that OS can counter rockets because as it currently stands, rockets have no real counter.
  11. Yeah that's right. I get about 210 ping at best. By the way, the Dallas server actually does allow 8 players to join, I've been playing 4v4 in it for the last half hour.
  12. Ah, that's good to know. Dallas is the only server I can get an acceptable ping on so I'm glad I can still play 2v2.
  13. And the Dallas server is now 4v4 instead of 2v2.
  14. Rat Race is sub par and I've never seen it voted for, it could be dropped from the map pool without consequence. The rest of the maps currently in the pool should stay though because all the other bad ones have been weeded out already. Then we just need to add Imminent etc to the mix and we're golden.
  15. The problem with the autos in H5 is that they actually make it so that the precision weapons in the game are not utility weapons in the true sense anymore. A utility weapon is essentially a weapon that can beat any non power weapon at any range if the user is accurate with it. That's not the case in H5; the autos will practically always come out on top at close range regardless of how good the opponents aim is with a precision weapon. The minimum kill times are literally lower for many of the autos, so they are both substantially easier to use and also faster to kill. That should never be the case and that's why the autos in their current form are bad for the game, regardless of usage statistics. They've removed the utility property from the precision weapons.
  16. That's a good definition of weapon balance. The only thing is that you'd need to be able to measure the actual average kill times, which would certainly be an interesting statistic and would put this debate to rest. Annoyingly, we've never had a fair comparison between the two types of weapons since the weapons such as the H1 Pistol and H2 BR obviously had many other characteristics differentiating them. It's a fact that getting a finishing headshot with a burst weapon is easier, but I'd be interested in seeing how much of a difference, if any, there would be between the average kill times of 2 precision weapons that differ by nothing other than their operation mode. Then we'd have something concrete to go by. In any case, I prefer having the starting weapon as a single-shot pistol, my main point is that I have no beef with having a balanced BR available as a pick-up on the map, as there is definitely a place for a burst weapon in the sandbox.
  17. The distinction manifests when strafing; BR user has to keep the crosshair on the opponent for the entire duration of the burst, Pistol user only has to get it on them each time they pull the trigger, which are different things when the opponent is strafing. The distinction is indeed subtle though, that's why I say burst weapons are not the big deal their haters make them out to be.
  18. So, just a single pixel crosshair like this? These are indeed very good and definitely make you more accurate at a distance. I just wish we had zero spread weapons which always fired in the exact center of the screen.
  19. A burst weapon like the BR is actually good to have in the game. Having a slightly different mechanic than single fire weapons is a positive as it's good to have a sandbox where weapons with different operation modes exist. If a burst-fire and single-shot weapon have the same kill times, shots/bursts to kill and aim assist mechanisms, then the difference literally becomes: - the burst weapon is harder to kill in its minimum amount of bursts because some of the bullets from each burst may miss the target. - the single-shot weapon is harder to kill with after the minimum number of shots to kill have been fired because it can't sweep to get easier head shots on a heavily damage opponent. That's a perfectly acceptable difference.
  20. Sounds good, but you'd never make the velocity slower would you? That would be hell. PS: I'm dying for Imminent to be released XD
  21. Of course, only reason I brought up hitscan is because it may have been a way to indirectly improve online play which is pretty much the most pressing issue this project faces. Because there's no aim assist and less magnetism with a mouse and it's also easier/faster to strafe and crouch with a keyboard.
  22. PC and console are a different kettle of fish when talking about shooting/aiming. Here I'm talking strictly about PC. It's also hard to blame something on 1 thing in MCC as the game had a ton of issues in a lot of areas. It's also not surprising that players who used to dominate were not performing as consistently, because any change to the game as they knew it is going to require them to adjust, so in the meantime they wont have as big an edge over other players that they used to. That, however, doesn't necessarily mean that the change was objectively bad. I feel that, generally speaking, shooters that aren't focused on realism (think ARMA, Battlefield, etc) are more suited to hitscan weapons. If I pull the trigger while the reticule is over the opponent, that should simply immediately register as a hit and shouldn't be any more complicated than that. When I play a competitive shooter, I want consistency above all else and that's what hitscan brings to the table. On PC, there is no need for aim assist or magnetism and therefore it can still be very challenging to take down a distant opponent quickly with a hitscan pistol, especially a strafing one.
  23. The thing is that hitscan is better for online play, which is where most games are going to take place. Projectiles basically just add more fuel to the fire in terms of your ping. Hitscan isn't too easy either, you've still got to aim properly.
  24. I kinda wish the CE weapons were hitscan as well.
  25. This is very untrue, especially now that Stuntman is a thing. The PC version is actually overall better imo once you get into it. Lanning the original is still amazing of course, but realistically that isn't even an option for the vast majority of would-be players. Remember too that lanning Custom Edition is a real possibility that many more people have the capability of doing since pretty much every gamer will own a PC. Custom Edition is now the only practical way to relive (and enhance) the original. It's free and immediately available so there's virtually zero reason not to give it a whirl if you're interested in H1.
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