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  1. Halo 5 ranking System: - Putting people into Onyx 1500 no matter what they do. - Putting People into Platnum 5 even with 10/10 wins and 4.0 K/D. (not letting you have control of your placing) - Not letting people derank into a lower Division. - Not showing the ranks people achieved in the game and its playlists. If you check my profile right now you cant see any ranks I ever had. - Resetting the ranks every month takes away a lot of motivation. No point to start playing at october 25. because they reset soon anyway. - Ranking up 1-3 CSR for a win and then ranking down 25-30 CSR per loss was the reason at the end that made me stop playing completly. - No party restrictions making the whole thing worthless anyway. I prefer 1-50 over this^. I have to be insane.
  2. Haven't played this game for months now. I missed this forum, not the game though.
  3. Haven't been here for week's. Can someone please show me where I can find all the current Teams? Thank's.
  4. Hahaha, dude 4 shots Raven Celica and then kills both of us while being 1 shot. New goat.
  5. Are they still unlocking GTs? Sadly I missed the event, but I see one that I Iike, that still has 0 Gamerscore and the original xbox gamerpic.
  6. We talked about this already before the game released. It was a huge problem in the MCC already. This company simply doesn't care about it and they had no trust in their own games population to implement such a feature. It makes all the effort that went into the ranking system pointless and it makes people quit playing even if they would like to.
  7. Logged in just to +rep this lol. Literally nothing on Riptide is made well. One of the worst maps in the Halo series.
  8. 343i though it's a smart decision to not include party restrictions which makes this game unplayable for most solo searchers. I lost my last 11 Warzone matches in a row. Even this gametype has gotten unplayable for me. I write this while I sit back in the homebase of A.R.C getting farmed by a bunch of trash kids.
  9. Battlefield 4 was a great game in my opinion and the Battlefield 1 trailer looks amazing.
  10. And? Active Camo makes you invisible and you don't appear on the radar. People sprinting away isn't a big problem in this game in my opinion. Doesn't happen too often. The maps have so much cover and hallways anyway that thruster is a way bigger problem regarding "getting away one shot". On the level I play (Onyx 1700+) every second flag run on Fathom ends up in a flag standoff which I hate. I hope that with speed boost, players will be able to run the flag way faster and we won't see so many standoffs anymore. At the same time I think the standoffs will be even harder to break now without Railgun and Camo though. What I am trying to say is that I want to give speed boost a chance. I don't think it's annoying at all, I think it's interesting. The only thing that annoyed me was the 1 hit SC, but guess what?
  11. God forbid Halo 3 didn't gave us FREE!!! DLC maps where people quit the build every time they show up.
  12. Just realised we have a Breakout, Griffball, SWAT and FFA SWAT playlist. An Infection playlist soon as well. But we can't have Doubles? Common.
  13. I think it's lame when people are so unimaginative that they have to use their own name. To each their own.
  14. @@Deez @@Sal1ent @@Unyshek What is the point? It's almost impossible for me to rank up anymore. People rank up different now even when they play together. I have Teammates with higher ranks than me that rank up and down just fine while I have no chance to get up. At the beginning everyone ranked up the same amount, now it's getting out of hand. My teammates rank up and get champ while I am lower at the end of our sessions. This can't be intention. I know a few players that have this problem as well. It is very frustrating and takes away every motivation to grind for high ranks. Please look into this.
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