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  1. What time zone is the doubles astro tournament? It says 3:30 Pm but is that pacific, eastern, etc.
  2. For an eSports league that offers millions of dollars in prizes each year, no, that is not expensive. A capture card that is around 100 dollars would work well for any situation, and it is very easy to maintain. I should also mention that capture cards have a delay as well, they are not instant. AND twitch streams have a delay themselves. So no, this would not make a difference.
  3. If its a high end LAN tournament, capture cards are more likely to be utilized instead of spectator mode, considering that using spectator mode will make you cycle between people rather than swapping to exactly which one you want.
  4. You guys are complaining over a delay in spectator mode... what if you are spectating a game your friends are in and youre telling them where the enemies positions are? What if that was happening to you? I bet you would hate that a lot more, so stop whining
  5. Okay, no. That just isn't true, and even if you think you do, you actually dont understand video game development.
  6. @@Sal1ent I'm just curious more than anything, but has there been any significant changes to either the global or playlist ranking systems? If you can't answer, can you tell us if we'll get info before launch? If you cant answer that... well damn.
  7. Lol I understand where you're getting at, but maybe the Arena training is based more on protecting and repelling enemies from UNSC bases rather than random unimaginable places. :P
  8. Interesting, it looks like that in the last decade of Halo multiplayer, the kill feed has been located in the same spot. Don't think they were just updated to make it seem more Halo 5. Halo 3 Kill Feed Halo 4 Kill Feed And you're telling me that these maps aren't unique looking? The only reason any of them look similar is because they are UNSC installations, not a random place out in the middle of nowhere. Military's have no need to change their architectural design, they are designed for effectiveness, not looks, which in this case still looks pretty damn good. Halo 5 - The Rig Halo 5 - Coliseum Halo 5 - Fathom Halo 5 - Crossfire (Breakout)
  9. The white arrow pops up next to any kill you were involved in, so even if you get the kill it pops up. You just have to notice that if a kill was highlighted and your name IS NOT on that segment of the feed, it was an assist.
  10. The maps look bland? They have some of the most impressive skyboxes I have ever seen in any game. The maps themselves are a very good indicator of the kind of location you're in, I think they look fantastic.. The kill feed is in the exact same place as past Halo games, and showing the weapon adds strategy, instead of walking blindly to a teammates body, you will know how best to approach the situation.
  11. I agree, if you know how to read the kill feed you can increase the probability of getting the win. Winning is much more gratifying than individual kills in my opinion.
  12. I don't think seeing your own kill is as important as seeing where the enemy is potentially located or what weapons they have. If you see an enemy kill your teammate with a sword, you will know the weapon that enemy has and where they are generally at. Seeing your own kill doesn't serve a purpose other than self gratification, you will know when you get a kill just by the medals you get and the hit detection markers.
  13. What do you mean by that? It shows in the kill feed when you kill someone.
  14. Greenskull over at ReadyUpLive.com uploaded some brand new footage of Halo 5 Arena game play, stretching across 4 maps and 3 game types. I'm going to break down some of the new or updated features from these clips. Kill Feed - The kill feed has drastically improved since the beta, which was monochromatic and provided no info of the kill. The new features of the kill feed include the following: - Red text and weapon for an enemy who has gotten a kill. - Light green text and weapon for a teammate's kill. - Dark shading behind text of your own kills and assists. - Shows the weapon used in the kill. - Shows a small target next to the weapon when the kill was also a head shot. - Skull and crossbones to designate a suicide and possibly death by the guardians. (Note - the shaded in kill in the picture is an assist, not the player's kill) Scoreboard - The in game scoreboard hasn't changed much but we do finally see emblems for the first time, will cover that in a following segment. Medals - First off I would like to start by saying that the medals in the beta were most likely not intended as the final iteration, many of the medal images were the same for different meritorious actions, and there seem to be many more medals than what was seen in the beta. There also seems to be more announcements for medals, such as one for Kill From the Grave, this might also mean that they might have altered the tone of the announcements of the other medals (ASSUMPTION). Breakout - The default breakout game type now includes a neutral flag that is an alternative to killing all opponents to win the round. To score a point with the flag, you have to bring it to the enemy base, meaning its not a simple snatch and grab. It may as well be neutral bomb, but I think the flag is more visible and more fitting of that type of game play. One other thing to note is that at the start of a round, there seems to be two players up front and two in the back, this is probably to keep teammates from incessantly running into each other and getting in each other's way. Other than this it looks like it plays exactly the same as before.We also get a look at the game mode and multiple new maps, just go to Omeggos' H5 Video directory to watch them (link at the end of this post) Weapons - As TranzTeK pointed out, it seems that there has been a few changes to recoil, accuracy, and damage of a few weapons. - Pistol has very little recoil. - Sniper has very little recoil. - SMG either does less damage or does not benefit from the head shot multiplier anymore. All of the following customization options are supported by the following video. Colors - 32 Unqiue Color's to customize your armor and emblem. Visors - 53 Unique Visors Helmets - 175 Unique Helmets Armors - 175 Unique Armors (Probably coincide with the the helmet variants) Stances - 14 Unique Stances Assassinations - 17 Unique Assassinations Weapon Skins - 28 Unique Weapon Skins (Primary Weapons) Emblems - 218 Unique Emblems EDIT: Apparently the emblems are preset, you can change their color scheme, but there are not multiple layers anymore. The background behind the players' name is also determined by the emblem you have on. I'm kind of sad that I wont be able to rock my MkVI helmet with swords and flames emblem anymore, but I saw an ODST emblem that you can bet I'll be going for. The emblems colors can be changed on three levels, Primary, Secondary, and Background. The start button menu is very different from what we saw in the beta, I dont exactly remember what the beta menu looked like, but it definitely was not what was shown in that video. I think the layout looks good and is very easy to navigate. Everything else outside of this looks pretty similar to the beta... Oh yeah, might want to throw this out there and see what kind of response this gets. I'm not really sure what that 4 stands for, but its definitely not CSR. That number was only on the one person in a custom lobby of 8 people, so it could be SR, but that wouldn't explain why everyone doesn't also have a number (even if its just a 1). Thanks to TranzTeK for confirming that the number was not a Competitive Skill Rank (CSR) If you're looking for more game play, the best place to go is Omeggos' Halo 5 Gameplay Directory
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