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  1. So now there isn't a place to redeem codes... lolol halo.gg is broken apprtly
  2. Man the PC aim feels so good, hard to go back to xbone if u have played even a couple games. I had my sense on 1.5-4-4 on xbox and when i jumped into a custom for the first time on PC it was so different.. wasnt even close to xbox. so yes copy and paste plz lol
  3. Me looking at the bottom left corner when that first Pro League match hits.. I havent played no radar but the proving grounds version is a huge improvement. Id be happy with either
  4. 2.5x 4.5y 1 acc 0% DZ bump jump i miss using recon.. but its too late and im too old to learn claw lol
  5. Frank Costanza: I got a lot of problems with you people! and Radar is one of them!! Quinn: Haha Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays/Festivus Forum people!
  6. What a good event this weekend. Production, casting, competition.. The world's train has now left the station..
  7. Since i disbanded this username a few years ago can i get it changed to McCaz Thanks in advance!
  8. Really though.. whats a discussion/debate around here without a relevant Emma Watson gif? I'll go back to lurking now.. carry on
  9. Do i downvote this because it makes me sad about prize pools for halo or do i upvote this because mlg is awesome..
  10. Ahhh i couldnt agree more.. the amount of weapons is so annoying tbh.. its almost rare to see a 1v1 pistol now i find. H2/3 were really enjoyable to watch for me and i totally understand things need to evolve, i dont mind thrust or even ground pound but i would much rather watch pistols only other than Fiest.....HCS settings.
  11. was it only at the start of the August season that Breakout was no longer ranked? i honestly didn't even notice till i read that post haha

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