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  1. My teammate (Be Selfless) & myself (TuAhmazing) are a to2 for UGC St. Louis looking for another to2 or even 2 F/As to run with. Both have MLG event exp from H3 and decent placings along with top 32 placings from other Halo titles. HMU on XBL to run!
  2. Possibly just a to2 now. Looking to run with to2s/FAs. We will be on at 5pm CST tonight.
  3. We are looking for 1 for the LCQ, Open cups and ATL. Prefer Onyx level players, diamond this season is fine b/c the ranks have been weird. The 3 of us have placed mid to high level Onyx every season and have been champions in team arena/HCS playlist in previous seasons. Two of us have been teaming since the 2009 season for Halo 3 and have competed in every Halo title since then. We have been to multiple events and had decent LAN placings along with some of top 32 finishes in the first few H2A tournaments. Looking for players with good attitudes, willing to improve and go over win/losses to help us understand the game and develop as a team. No egos please. We will be running games tonight around 5pm CST since the LCQs are tomorrow and Friday. Message us on XBL to run. GTs: TuAhmazing & DrunkTiger
  4. Add me, I can't guarantee I will always be available for this but anytime I'm available I will definitely be down. 2k onyx in arena and was champ before I turned into a filthy casual GT: TuAhmazing
  5. Trying to jump on last minute team for todays open. Hit me up quick
  6. Looking to jump on or form a solid squad for tomorrow's tourney. I have quite a few live events under my belt from back in the h3 days with decent placings. Was getting top 16/32 every tourney in h2a. Only played in a few of the H5 opens, made top 32 in my first one. Got champ during first arena season and usually end up ~2000 onyx, I don't play a whole lot of arena. Hit me up to run. GT in sig
  7. I'm very interested in this and may have a friend as well. I probably play more than the 99% but sadly I'm not able to play as much as I would like or enough to compete so this sounds like a great alternative!
  8. As the title states, I have a to2 looking for 2 more for the open circuit. We have teamed since Halo 3 and have played every halo competitively. We've competed on and off in halo 5 and just recently returned with the open circuit announcement. A little about our competitive experience, we started attending events during the 2009 season, we went to 6 events together, our worst placement was LBR4. Since Halo 4 we have placed top 32 every tourney. during the first arena season of h5, we both were champions and have been above onyx 1700 in every season since although we've only played casually for the most part. We are looking for 2 players who are dedicated and want to stick together and improve. We don't want guys that are going to give up if we lose our first game or series. We want players who will go over films and strats and try to learn and improve every day. Both of us will be on today and would like to play in the open tournament tonight. Message me on xbl or post in here if interested. GT - TuAhmazing DrunkTiger
  9. Hit us up to run games. Running for the next couple hours
  10. On and running games for the next couple hours if anyone wants to run
  11. We've been a duo since the h3 days, both have attended quite a few events together and were placing top 32 in the beginning of h2a. We had a top 30 seed before we quit due to do game being broke. Both of us have taken a break since the launch of h5 but are looking to get back into the competitive scene for the upcoming season. We were also champs in team arena for a bit during the pre-season. We are pretty experienced and know what it takes to win and be at the top, I know your rank doesn't always judge your skill level but at least be onyx to run with us, its not that hard to get. GTs - TuAhmazing & DrunkTiger
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