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  1. Free Agent looking for a T03 that's willing to grind to get better shoot me a message on xbl Expert lx or Twitter expertlx
  2. Free Agent Looking For a TEam Of 3 shoot me a message GT Expert lx
  3. Shoot me a message GT Expert lx
  4. Free Agent Looking for a team for season 2 hit me up GT expert lx
  5. Hello Everyone I'm looking to start a team for season 2 I've been with a few teams while the qualifiers have been going on but not a consistent team that's able to get on everyday to put in the hours to be a top team. So I'm taking it into my own hands to find players that want to strive to be great halo players and put the hours in and not back out after the first week or so , if you would like to run games together at some point get in touch with me GT: expert lx ; Twitter: ExpertLx Qualifications: * Eastern Time Zone preferred * Oynx Player * Out spoken * Good Teamwork * Dedication * Able and willing to travel to events
  6. Creating a HWC Team to complete . Running Games Monday Tuesday & Wednesday night . If you would like to tryout shoot me a message GT: Expert lx
  7. Free Agent Looking for a dedicated team have experience looking for a team to put the hours in to become a top contending team if anyone looking shoot me a message GT expert lx
  8. Expert lx we ran games before send me a invite whenever
  9. I have past tourney experience been playing since H2 days been looking for a team but no luck if any TO3 are out there message me GT Expert lx will be online all day
  10. Free Agent Looking for a team message Expert lx
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