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  1. Check my signature. Haha I get questioned about being that kid a lot because he's apparently the most hated kid online, but I'm not that kid. haha
  2. Awesome video dude. Glad to see more people who actually know how to play are streaming.
  3. GT: Anomxly Twitter: @MichaelForbush Customs/Throwdown
  4. I didn't regurgitate this up from months ago when he was "playing". According to him, he's been grinding recently, and is highly considering returning full force to the competitive scene.
  5. A little positive energy doesn't hurt man! Haha nah, but in all honestly, it depends on how much time he actually dedicates to the game, and how much he really wants to learn about it. I could see him either doing really good, or once again being mad average.
  6. As I'm sure none of you were watching ( ), in Suddoth 2's stream just now, SK announced that he is picking up the sticks again and coming back to the Halo scene. He seemed pretty serious about it. Thoughts? :gandhi: Edit: Grammar.
  7. :'( Someone PLEASE make a YouTube video of the rebroadcast.
  8. Did Maven disable past videos from being seen? I can't find it. I'm always late to everything. #BibleThump
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