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  1. What's up Fam?! With Halo 5 inbound and the new Beyond announcement I thought I'd drop by to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Cole Lovelady, eSports & Community Manager for ASTRO Gaming and I've been working closely with Saucey, Clicked, Cyren and the rest of the Beyond staff to bring you the ASTRO Spartans Tournament Series. Our goal at ASTRO is to provide our fans with the ability to enjoy their games to the fullest. By partnering with Beyond we are able to not only improve what you play, but how you play it. The ASTRO Spartans Series has been an amazing success thanks to the passionate team at Beyond, but we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for YOU, the fans. So, as Halo 5 prepares for launch and we dive into weekly Spartans Tournaments, I want to give a personal shout out to the Beyond Community and officially welcome you all into the ASTRO Family! Big announcements, tournaments & giveaways coming in hot! :flames: :flames: :flames: Game on. #DBOYZ
  2. Let's go! GG Team Beyond! Can't wait to launch ASTRO Spartans on the new platform! #DBOYZ
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