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  1. Well I was a CE kid and hated Halo 2 so .. LOL
  2. From Halo 2, it really isn't. When I see how the 2 BRs fire in the video. I would rather as a competitive scene we use the one that requires better aiming.
  3. It is way to easy to use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG11BbBt05o
  4. I was hoping @@Towey was going to release a video everyday. He titled this one day 1. I want day 2 lol
  5. I solod from plat 1 first season to onyx it wasn't that hard.
  6. Really you just listed a bunch of excuses. I am not trying to be mean but everyone that solod their ranks had to deal with these things.
  7. If you don't like the cables the astro mixamp TR is a good choice. You will have one cable from your headset to your mixamp and zero to your controller. The mixamp plugs into the usb port. Also you can use your current astro headset.
  8. Please no Halo 2 BR ever. Even more bullet mag then we already have. https://youtu.be/DG11BbBt05o Found a video of what I am talking about
  9. Neighbor vs Snipedown trash talk and Lxthul vs Snipedown trash talk.
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