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  1. Hurricane


    Gamertag: Hvrricane JD
  2. watching those games with no autos and new radar was great. 10x better than old settings
  3. Aiming has felt great since the update until today. Heavy aim is back for me and just kills the whole experience. RIP
  4. It's probably just the servers. Aim feels crispy in some games and heavy in others, regardless of how well I'm performing.
  5. Been playing 5/2 recently and it feels great. I've always played on 5-7 sens throughout the halos though so I'm used to it. I definitely feel like I have an advantage in close range battles against players with lower sensitivities. I also use the start button trick several times throughout each game. It helps me whether its a placebo effect or not.
  6. GT: HvRRyKaNE Region: NA Eastern Down for MM/Customs. Also looking for some FFA practice for the tournament on Friday.
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