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  1. Infinity Slayer, Doubles, and Snipers. Mostly Snipers though, and I only play if it's Haven or Shutout.
  2. I don't care which one as long as the weapon has a slow rate of fire. I want a 3 shot, 9 bullet to kill BR that has a kill time of 1.5 seconds.
  3. The Pit is the most underrated map of all time. Midship is the most overrated.
  4. Terrible idea. Main playlists should never have DLC requirements.
  5. EVERY 4v4 map sucks for doubles. Every map in the doubles playlist should either be forged or a cut-off version of a disc map.
  6. Haven now has speed boost top mohawk and railgun open ramp in Infinity Slayer. In Legendary Slayer there is a railgun open and a 0 spare clip rocket top mohawk. Legendary BRs actually gets picked very often. Legendary BRs is the best Halo 4 has been.
  7. I don't really get tired of playing Haven over and over again.
  8. Playing Halo 3 custom games like Monster Truck, Stay on The Train, and many race maps with my friends.
  9. Spike grenades should return for sure. H3 MLG should've had them.
  10. I'm only buying the Xbox One when Halo 5 comes out. Halo is the only Xbox game I play.
  11. This is new but an instant-classic and easily a favorite. It includes absolutely amazing editing/gameplay. It also gets even better as the montage goes on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0TsA4QXgn0 These are my favorite jump videos:
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