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  1. If I just played you @@TiberiusAudley on Regret Slayer, GGs, sucked that two of your teammates quit mid game.
  2. Jeez, haven't posted around here in months. Haven't played Xbox in around 5 months either, so that's something. I can't tell if I'm enjoying Halo 5 or not. Got placed into Diamond 1, so that's something.
  3. All good, I didn't know if it was something with my phone because it happens on some other sites too. I figured it was advertisements.
  4. Any particular reason I keep getting transfered to the App Store while browsing on mobile? It's been getting worse lately.
  5. Well I ran out for two months since I haven't played anything on xbox in a while, but I had the itch to try MCC out again, but alas, it still has been the same.
  6. I literally cannot find a game, I figured I'd get gold again and try Halo again, found one game and can't find another for the life of me.
  7. More people on PS4's more money to have over there, simple as that. PS: I shit my pants at how awesome BO3's trailer was.
  8. Would anyone know why even though I have "remember me" toggled on, I have to re log in every time I restart my computer?
  9. So I log into MCC for the first time in over a month, and it says my family settings are messed up and XBL play isn't allowed. There's nothing under my family settings at all. GG.
  10. Having the worst of luck in hearthstone. Trying to run dragon paladin and rank up, but every time I do, I'll just rank up and derank back down. Making no progress at all. :/
  11. I have 3 extra Beta keys, if anyone wants one, just let me know if you want in to the beta!
  12. So I haven't posted in a while, been merely lurking for the time being. I tried downloading the patch, ended up going to matchmaking and sat at a "downloading latest matchmaking settings" for about 10 minutes and gave up.
  13. As someone who enjoys exo movement, I wouldn't mind if it will be in BO3. That said, I could see the game going either way with having it/not having it.
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