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  1. We do have a destiny thread if people would like to use. It was really active at one point.
  2. Yeah, you'll never beat year 1 destiny 1 but Mehhhh... I still like it and get enjoyment playing. I only play a couple hours a week, I'm too old now to grind out games and to care that much. And yeah, he played alot, he took a 6 month break from the game but jumped back on yesterday. Check his Twitter or twitch.
  3. MLG GD was one big fuck fest.
  4. Did you ever play destiny 1? They pretty much done that twice in that game which people seem to forget. I dont really care about the vaulting, besides a few strikes I only really grind out pvp mainly playing rumble/control. Ever watch ogre 2 play pvp? That's some entertaining shit imo.
  5. Kinda what makes it fun tho 😂 unless you main mountaintop in pvp then fuck you (:
  6. Lock 343 in a room with @Cursed Lemon for 12 hours and see what they think by the end of it. 😂
  7. If 343 still insist on having sprint or any kinda advanced movement would be hilarious and would prove they've learned fuck all.
  8. They didn't actually say that out right but they did say were all in on destiny 2. If there is to be a destiny 3 it wont be for a long time, and I hope they dont do it. I'm not starting over again. I see no point in a destiny 3, just improve, expand destiny 2. If anything they need to get rid of the 2.
  9. Main reason halo follower gets hate is because he gets views unlike 99% of halo content creators.
  10. What do you mean? Which part of my post are you talking about?
  11. Well shit, you were right about one thing here.
  12. No destiny 3 confirmed pretty much. One evolving world just like wow. Bringing back old D1 classics such as VOG. Cross play. Destiny is finally becoming the game I always wanted it to be.
  13. Can you play this game on pc still? I dont own an xbox anymore, remember it being cross play back in the day. I dunno where the hell I can get it on pc tho.
  14. Maybe I just suck now but the halo 3 flight was so try hard, felt like I was playing for my 50 every game I played.
  15. I wish Goldeneye had bots! I really liked the challenges perfect dark done as well.
  16. I've took a liking to the pvp side of the game again. Couple hours here and there, its pretty fun. I like the armour mod system now and the meta is more to my liking. Autos, handcannons, snipers, shotguns being king now.
  17. Toxic player: PC Controller Bottom tree ark strider Skip nades Shinobous vow Max discipline Last word Beloved,( snapshot, quick draw.)
  18. Damn someone took mine and rockers rep away lol.
  19. The taken king DLC as a whole was top tier. I couldn't put destiny down at that time.
  20. This reminds me of when halo 3 come out, MLG forums hated it, if you come up with the argument that it has amazing online numbers people would tell you well that's cos it rode off the popularity of halo 2. Halo 4 died in like within month... Halo reach had good numbers for like 2 years. People ain't gonna carry on playing a game they hate just because they like the one before.
  21. Shit posting and being upset about halo reach still In 2020. LOL It's been out like a decade, you know what you're getting, why put yourself through the pain just to bitch about it.
  22. Not really a fan of destiny 2 raids but completing the vault of glass from D1 for the first time was one of my favorite moments in gaming of all time. Kings fall was pretty damn good too.
  23. Takes like 20 years to find a game on this CE flight

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