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  1. It has! Easy br, easy sniper, a sword that will lunge across the map. But eh, button combos means it’s more competitive right? Far as I’m concerned and it’s just my personal preference. H1>H3>H2.
  2. Epitaph was absolutely hell on team doubles, I’d just expect defeat as soon as I seen it and quit out. Complete bull shit map! The map was kinda fun for FFA and multi team once they added the sniper.
  3. Well when you put it like that I agree, didn’t even think of the whole rocket thing.
  4. Having hit markers for your shots is a good thing, let’s you know if you hit or not. But nade hit markers? Na man fuck that.
  5. Last word on pc feels so good! Just feels like destiny 1 on pc.
  6. Seriously about to pay 30 quid just for 1 weapon. 😑
  7. You're probably the type of person who'd talk down a kampy montage because his clips are in social slayer. You're taking it way too serious, it's all just for fun ya know.
  8. If you ever watched his top 10 you’d know he’d use clips like that all the time. I like it! Better than just having MLG clips only.
  9. Played it on controller? Just got it the other week, feels pretty shit on controller to me.
  10. I think they should add all the weapons/ worlds/maps from destiny 1 to destiny 2, then just keep making updates to that. kinda like wow or something.
  11. Had a good weekend watching the stream! my only complaints are: so many fuck up's on the audio, was not even a fan of the neon graphics as well, simplistic will always be the right option. Loved watching some old halo 3 again, was surprised reciprocity didn't take the W. Pistola and snipedown both still had some sick highlights.
  12. 51, back on world at war splitscreen. Why are people posting pictures of people being hanged on a halo forum.
  13. I always liked countdown, the map clearly worked a 100 times better without sprint.

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