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  1. This shit is annoying.. keep going back to quick play to finish the new challenges in hopes to getting an Event challenge..
  2. 1. optic 2. faze 3. cloud 9 4. Sentinels I'm so exited for Raleigh! I keep thinking I'm done with Halo and watching events but somehow I'm all in again!
  3. Off-topic of General discussion. An old Thread that used to be on the MLG forums then on the halo council.
  4. Yeah, makes me feel like a complete noob getting plat 3. Solo.. but still.
  5. I'm definitely that guy and I have no shame as well, just like picking up the SMG in vanilla h5.
  6. I never asked that, that was someone else.. I was just shocked by your reply. I think me saying "this forum will never not surprise me" was probably not the best choice of words to use. I'm not overpassionate about disliking Halo 3 or overpassionate about liking Infinite.. that is ridiculous.
  7. LOL it's really not that deep man. I was just shocked you said I'd rather play last resort on Halo 3 over anything on halo infinite. But hey that apparently makes me extreme and angry. Is it cos I said fuck? oh no.
  8. So would I. It was just the I'd rather play last resort on on halo 3 over anything on halo infinite that took me by surprise.
  9. Yeah, I ain't playing last resort. I have no idea I've played like 49 games so far, all I do know is I'd rather be playing most of these infinite maps over last resort on halo 3.
  10. The only 50 I had in Halo 3 was lone wolves and that's just giving me some real bad flash backs, oddball was just a nightmare.
  11. I asked fuck all, that was somebody else. I'm just honestly surprised anyone would prefer playing last resort on halo 3 over "anything" in halo infinite.
  12. Oh man.. this forum will never not surprise me.
  13. I'd 100% buy this battle pass if it had some cool weapon skins and armour but it's just halo reach gear that bungie designed a decade ago lul. Nothing they are selling is worth it besides the HCS stuff.
  14. that's what I thought... I just spent half my time on that map looking for people. I've always liked Fiesta as fun game type but it's a lot more suited for FFA not 4v4.
  15. I don't understand the aiming, one game it feels really good and the next it feels so off. I'd love to have H2A levels of aim assist my BR cos some games it feels like I can't hit anything, or maybe I just fuckin' suck. Also: no way you can say these maps are worse than Reach/H4/h5... each to there own but damn i find that hard to believe.
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