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  1. Yeah, this statis can go suck a dick. You're froze for what feels like 10 years.
  2. @Reamis25 If you're positive about halo then this ain't the place, no one here has liked Halo or it's direction in about 15 years. This is what the forum looks like at the moment:
  3. Unless you're only talking MLG, I could name you 10 shitter maps in H3 easy.
  4. Oreos are pretty damn low tier, you Americans need to try some fox creams.
  5. 1 halo 3 2 halo 1 3 halo reach 4 halo 5 5 halo 2 6 halo 4 Yes i put halo 3 above halo 1 and halo reach above halo 2, suck my dick.
  6. Nothing will ever top the old ninja streams for me, his mix of high skilled play with crazy shenanigans is not something we have seen since. Many will disagree but that's just my humble opinion.
  7. Anyone else love watching snipedown shit all over the so called fps god known as shroud. Was a joy for me to watch.
  8. I got to about 3200 or so playing solo then just give up lol. Was happy enough to get the Luna and the revoker, this was last season tho cos how I'm at 0 and have not touched ranked in months. But yup, just having that 50 next to your name just ain't enough anymore.
  9. Getting really cool skins for reaching a certain rank is damn good idea.
  10. I watch these speedlore videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/SpeedLore/featured I find them so cool! the videos are hours long and the guy walks you through 20 years of strats and everything. Really interesting watch.
  11. Really? I think graphics wise halo 2 has aged the worst, halo 1 still looks clean and simplistic and halo 3 still holds up 13 years after.
  12. Are you into speed running goldeneye / perfect dark ?
  13. Them skins are like the best looking thing from Halo Infinite at the moment and I'm being serious.
  14. After watching this video about about 10 times, I have no idea how any of this will work during multiplayer.
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