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  1. It’s been like 23 years, still waiting lol. I’m sure if could be cool for single player games but the first thing I ever do when I get a new game is turn vibration off.
  2. I remember getting the rumble pack with starfox 64, first game with vibration I’m sure of it. Hated it then and still hate it now, why I wanna have my controller rumbling all over when I’m trying to aim on some fucker lol.
  3. If feels really heavy to me, I normally play on a low sensitivity, played on a 2 for years then switched to a 3 around reach then stuck to that but on halo online I gotta hit it up to a 5 and it still feels super heavy, can’t get used to if at all, on top of that you get these M+K players getting instant head shots with the sniper. If the controller was the same as console I know I could carry on my own, but nah man. I’ve give up on it, I’ll wait until MCC PC. I’m playing fortnite and destiny 2 on pc in the meantime where the controller works perfectly fine.
  4. Controller on halo online is absolutely terrible and nothing like console, I hate it! Hopefully MCC on PC feels with controller is a lot better.
  5. I'm so ready for MCC on PC, is it out yet? I can't wait. Playing Halo online in the mean time and it's really not that great on controller.
  6. Society is so fucked man.. I believe we can all coexist together but maybe I’m just a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.
  7. Gold

    Film Discussion

    Legit got goose bumps watching that
  8. As human beings everyone should be entitled to healthcare, the fuck is wrong with you? It shouldn't even be up for debate. I honestly went back a couple pages to see what sauce was on about and fucking hell...
  9. Why does (not all) kids that only play halo CE and no other halo act like they’re on a higher pedestal than everyone else? News flash: you ain’t! You just look like a dickhead.
  10. The plasma repeater was crazy good in the beta, it was so weak in the full game tho, was so shit I actually forgot about that weapon.
  11. "Young lady" LOL! Daddy Hard Way over here.

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