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  1. Takes like 20 years to find a game on this CE flight
  2. Downloading Halo CE on steam, just noticed my email now lol. Excited to play some CE again.
  3. Loving Halo on PC! Looking forward to Halo 1, 2, 3!
  4. Some 13 year old fortnite kid that goes by the name gold just called me fake gold and that’s annoyed me more than it should’ve done lol.
  5. He’s me thinking it started with halo 3 cos I traded all the time in that game as well.
  6. Damn I love the ODST and Reach music. By far the best in the series in my opinion and underrated. Whenever you wanna praise it some clown will wanna come along and remind you that CE and H2 had the best music.
  7. Really enjoying destiny 2 at the moment, definitely the most I’ve played since release. Grinding out for this beloved and the eyasluna 2.0. The meanagerie is like a better version of prison of elders.
  8. It looked cool and all but no gameplay?? god fucking damn it.
  9. Gold

    Film Discussion

    They should cancel all video game movies. They are always terrible.
  10. Nice mine was Super Nintendo with Mario all stars.
  11. Fuck, I feel old. I mean I still remember Nintendo 64 being realised.

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