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  1. Teams aren't scrimming Sentinels? We truly are back!
  2. I haven't even jumped into the ranked playlist yet, but goodness I'm LOVING it so far. I can't wait to hop into ranked and get shit on.
  3. splyce vs splyce would be sick. imagine all that emotion on one stage
  4. I think you nailed it. I think H5 has the potential to be a great Halo title. It just wasn't unlocked. If we can't get it right with H5, I'd much prefer H2A over H3 if 343 goes back to MCC for tournaments before H6
  5. Something about this tournament and the reaction afterwards that just makes me super excited for the future of Halo esports. Truly hope it doesn't get swept aside.
  6. i don't like that we sacrificed tox's dominance for mlg but i do accept it
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