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  1. Too bad Overwatch was one of the most frustrating games I've ever had the displeasure of playing
  2. Why do precision weapons seem even more awful on MNK?
  3. I'm wondering if the lukewarm response these Infinite previews have been getting are going to make 343 reevaluate aspects of the game. 343 obviously wants this game to be a success among streaming but most have seem to have lost interest.
  4. What are the chances that 343 buffs the pistol considering they made it the utility in Halo 5?
  5. So is every map just going to be 1 power weapon and 1 power up?
  6. They changed it back to showing any movement, the short range also just helps campers
  7. I think another big issue is there aren't enough weapons or grenades on the maps you're stuck using the AR and pistol. They feel empty compared to previous Halo games.
  8. Commando may as well be an automatic DMR with bloom with how inconsistent it is
  9. I can't stand the sandbox right now the only consistent weapon is the BR and it's weak as hell
  10. Bad controller aiming is 343's way of making players move to MNK
  11. I don't see the point to weapons like the BR with the current sandbox balance, you're better off using the AR most of the time in this game
  12. Can't download the test, Steam saying it's a duplicate code
  13. It's not like MNK is in a good place either right now
  14. I don't know how to explain mouse aiming in this game, I can't tell if it has acceleration or is just heavy.
  15. All weapons with scopes have awful recoil/bloom when scoped in, I don't think it'll be an issue at long range
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