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  1. looking for some diamond lvl players with mics. I usually place in Onyx, but I took a break and I'm just getting back into it. Solo Que is the struggle. Add: NbD Run
  2. Got my code for ODST in a message accompanied by the update
  3. I just want the MLG H3 maps and settings added to the Team Hardcore playlist so I never have to play SMG/AR starts again. BR starts, the way God intended
  4. Ideally sprint would be removed in favor of increased base player movement, but alternatively, I would be interested in testing sprint while maintaining the ability to shoot (basically sprint without any animation). I think maintaining the ability to shoot while using thrust should be implemented as well. Minimize the animations that drop your weapon and take away your ability to shoot
  5. I think your gun should drop in as little animations as possible. If there is no way sprint is being removed from this game, I would love to at least test sprinting with your weapon at the ready. This would apply to thust as well
  6. 1. AR/SMG need to be toned down, especially range wise. 2. Sniper feels big and clunky. The scoping should be instant. 3. I would love to try no sprint + increased base speed. (Increase the base speed even if sprint stays). Alternatively, explore the possibility of sprinting while maintaining your weapon at the ready/ability to shoot. Minimizing the animations where your weapon is down will go a long way in maintaining a classic "halo" feel. 4. Keep your gun up/ability to shoot while thrusting. (Makes the ability more offensive, adds an extra wrinkle to strafing). 5. Not really feeling the shoulder charge. 6. I have not been matching people of the same skill level (Reserving judgement because I realize people's placement are still in flux. Searching Solo Q has been terrible). 7. Halo should always be BR starts If you want to truly facilitate an "Arena Shooter" feel. 8. Need the ability to toggle off vibration. 9. Sometimes when the "fireteam leader" starts the MM search, not everyone is brought into the search. 10. Randomly lose the ability to back out of searching and are forced to restart the build to get back to main menu I'm enjoying the game for the most part. The sandbox feels good minus some slight tweaking to automatics. Most of my frustration has come from the things I listed above. will edit as I play more
  7. Hard reset before loading the game for the first time seems to be the golden ticket
  8. Hard reset at 11:02 Central and the game booted up just fine for me. I think that is the route to take
  9. Damn man that blows. I believe you have to hard reset the console before you try playing the game (or so I was told by some guys who had this problem with CoD AW)
  10. had you already started re downloading before you hard reset?
  11. As the most vocal hub for the competitive community, we really have to represent halo in the most professional way possible. Thanks for giving the competitive community a voice
  12. I think this happened with CoD AW. People were hard resetting their xbox before they agreed to do the 'update' and it worked.
  13. 48k is a great number and hopefully it keeps rising with every major. Couldn't have asked for a better finals.
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