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  1. Hey man, I'm definitely interested in running some Gbs tonight and playing in the 2k tomorrow. I messaged you on xbox. I have one other teammate so if you're down we would just need one.
  2. The Halo 5 Arena Solo Queue Experience in a Nutshell....
  3. Hey guys, I made a short discussion video regarding the future of halo. I know most people don't care about me or my thoughts. But for anyone interested, here's a link. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone wanted to enter this 4v4 for shits and gigs (obviously we wont do well). But i like the team environment and I think it'd be fun. I'm 1823 in arena and champ in slayer. Message Rehabz4Quitterz on xbl if interested
  5. I'll add you. My gt is Rehabz4Quitterz
  6. Hey man, I'm also in search of a team. I run 4v4 playlists mostly solo or with my brother. It is miserable playing without players with mics. I play high onyx/champions as well. If you're interested in running matchmaking and possibly building a team add me back GT: Rehabz4Quitterz
  7. We are eastern time zone and play evenings into the early morning
  8. My brother and I are looking for two more (pair or F/As) for the upcoming HWC tournaments, as well as GB and PGL 4v4 ladder. We have not been playing much lately due to school but we are willing to grind as much as anyone. Anyone interested should contact us on xbl Rehabz4Quitterz or itz swaggo. We are going to be away this weekend but will be on everyday starting Monday.

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