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  1. Thoughts on no radar from a scrim that we split: Wow people actually can move around the map freely. It works perfectly with the new settings since there are little to no autos or splinters on the map. "Bad" plays can become clutch plays because you are actually able to juke without someone standing still staring at the radar. Just some random thoughts i know, but I'm honestly contemplating not playing again until it's officially added when Quinn gets his act together, it's simply too much fun for me to ever go back to radar again.
  2. H3A isn't happening. And even if it got announced i wouldn't be very excited. H3 was nothing compared to H2, neg me.
  3. People need to stop freaking out and attacking ESPN for that article and instead be thankful we are atleast getting the exposure. Since when do people expect journalism to be accurate? Lol
  4. Is it me or are the servers just getting worse? It's so hard to practice for this tournament right now
  5. Excited to see what Denial ends up doing on Lan, crazy individual talent there.
  6. The first two on that list are the same person, frostythetruth has been a pro since 2006 and placed really well consistently until he stopped playing around H4 when it'z so arrived on the scene
  7. Decided to get back on my content grind, first stream in a while come hang! New overlay should be here in an hour or so. Twitch.tv/Hunter_jjx
  8. Soooooooo happy these five weeks of hell are finally over, stoked to be repping such a rad org at regionals. Even more excited to buy some snacks, take Feb 7th off work, and watch the bloodbath that's gonna be the LCQ.
  9. It's fun to sit here n watch all the speculation while knowing already what the new teams are
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