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  1. I get it's a joke but that's some serious shade being thrown
  2. I don't get why Rayne wanted to be on Str8 unless LG didn't want to make a move till after Rayne was traded. LG seems like a better roster.
  3. While I mostly agree with what you said, you could have handled it better. This is another reason why 343 never mentions TB.
  4. The videos that Tashi was doing were great. That needs to be expanded into a series.
  5. This is the guy that runs serebii.net, o e of the biggest Pokémon websites.
  6. Haven't watched Halo since October. Someone fill me in please. Also current team rumors
  7. What if CLG was just throwing scrims to throw us off?!?!?!?!?!?
  8. I can't belive Lethul came back and you guys didn't use any undertaker memes
  9. Been watching ninja for about 5 minutes and the guy looks miserable
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