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  1. Started playing h3 in late 09 and enjoyed playing MLG once in a while but obviously sucked. For the half a year I played reach it was kinda the same deal. In halo 4 (lol) I played on competitive settings a lot more but never took it too seriously.
  2. Idk about campaign but I'll probably want to jump into multiplayer first. For the first day or two I'll probably play H2 and H1 with a bit of H2A. Edit: You guys better not play halo 4 I swear on me mum m8
  3. Make them tell you about the ranking system and ask if there are social playlists.
  4. New BMO field is looking nice
  5. I hear "it takes too long to kill people" way too much. One thing I can see pissing off reach and 4 players is the fact that there's no party matching or ranking system so a bunch of random new players will often match full teams. By the way this is another reason why a ranking system is so important but I've seen casuals not want one for some reason.
  6. I live down by the ol' creek please add me
  7. I play it with my friend sometimes but never seem to match good players. I'd say it's the most fun Reach playlist that isn't MLG though.
  8. Sorta implying here that if boosting isn't easy to do (such as being able to search with parties of 8-10) than it's a good idea. Keep being a typical whiny PC elitist.
  9. As long as people don't try to boost the achievements, it's a good idea. Armor can also be a good idea since people these days care about it for some reason.
  10. I wish more people realized this, sprint in any form is unacceptable and even if it's "balanced" it will ruin Halo. I hope 343 just makes movement speed higher and doesn't cater to the people who will move on to the next new game a week later.
  11. Matchmaking is going to get a lot tougher now
  12. and yeah I'm looking forward to CE, it seems completely different than all of the other Halo games. <3 the graphics too
  13. Don't worry, I'll make you my practice noob.
  14. 1. The stuff listed in the third post. 2. I know, I'm just saying that we should expect an improved Halo 4, which obviously some people will still hate. Just the fact that it has no sprint already makes it much better but I'll be spending most of my time on halo 1-3.
  15. It's going to be a much better version of Halo 4.
  16. Honestly I'm fine with the possibility of never playing reach again. It's a really boring game, even with nbns settings.
  17. I sometimes send very offensive messages to foreign people, mostly about how fun their dial up internet is to play on.
  18. I think it's a DLC map but Warlock would be good.
  19. I mean I've been watching every game this season and would love for them to make the playoffs but I have a really bad feeling about this situation.
  20. TFC is getting really unlucky with injuries but they shouldn't be falling apart like this. They still have a good chance of making the playoffs but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't at this point. :\
  21. Other than most Reach maps that thankfully we won't have to play, the only ones I don't want to see again are the maps from Halo 4. If the H3 BR works in the MCC then I honestly won't mind playing snowbound or isolation again.
  22. It's too early to start making teams tbh. I just hope enough pros play so there can be multiple top teams though. But bro I totally showed up to an AGL event and became a semi pro because 5 other teams showed up
  23. I think this is what Canada needs to become a top soccer nation
  24. Did sniping feel like H4 (other than no descope), did it feel similar to a different halo game, or does sniping feel completely different in H2a?
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