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  1. At first when I watched the reveal I didn't know what to think but this seems a lot worse the more I think about it. The worst part is that even with the beta it's very unlikely that they end up removing the new AAs. Maps such as midship are way too big and unless they scale it down we're fucked. A higher skillgap is good but you can have one without everyone getting thruster packs. The gameplay was not fun to watch btw. Instead of simple halo you had 8 people flying around with all of their AAs. Not to mention that jumping doesn't take skill anymore. I've learned to not bother with that place anymore.
  2. This ADS bullshit is bad enough but are they seriously adding sprint again? This better be a very very very old build.
  3. Trying to not include maps I know nothing about 4v4 1. Epitaph 2. Isolation 3. Sword Base 4. Wreckage 5. Ghost Town 6. Adrift 7. Boardwalk 8. Vertigo 9. Blackout 10. Backwash BTB 1. Complex 2. Vortex 3. Boneyard 4. Spire 5. Longbow 6. Meltdown 7. Shatter 8. Exile 9. Breakneck h3 btb was all I played when I started halo so I <3 those maps. h4 big team is awful and I felt like the only tolerable reach maps were made in forge.
  4. Probably a few hundred on games and a few DLC packs but currently under $500. The xbone will make me go over that mark though.
  5. I usually play on a tube tv so I don't have a good monitor to play Halo on. I can't really afford to buy a new monitor right now so the plan is to use my computer monitor. The problem is that it's kinda old and I don't know if I'll be able to aim. http://www.lg.com/ca_en/monitors/lg-L192WS-lcd-monitor http://www.engadget.com/products/lg/flatron/l192ws/specs/ Can anyone tell me how good this monitor is for gaming? I've been told that 5ms isn't that bad but are there other factors to go into it? i also have this sitting around but feel like it will be even worse http://www.amazon.com/Acer-X183H-18-5-Inch-LCD-Monitor/dp/B001ER6CCI
  6. Me There's a chance I could get one just before/after release but I might have to wait for it to go on sale. Hopefully Canadian black friday doesn't suck this year.
  7. Mic that comes with Xbone until I get an adapter. Too bad I still need an xbone
  8. I'm going to cheer for not optic. Doesn't matter who's on the team, optic fanboys make me want to punch something
  9. Don't add sprint and increase movement speed instead. Discussion over.
  10. Too bad a majority of the h1 community is terrible.
  11. If Halo 3 doesn't feel TOO bad I might still play it. No host advantage will at least improve it a little.
  12. i swear that some people on halo 3 still have dial up
  13. Good old Canada! I'm at like 85GB (or it could be 75 as well) so i'll get fucked. Not to mention the games for gold that will all download when I get my xbone. RIP data cap
  14. Team Halo 2: Anniversary Social holy shit did they really listen? yay! I haven't read the whole article yet but thank you based 343 for a social playlist. Edit: We need dubs but I'm happy with these playlists. Now I just need like $600... fuck
  15. Finally going to a gym that isn't my school's weight room. Gotta get used to finding where stuff is though :\
  16. I almost stopped watching around the 60th minute.
  17. Can we please not use their shitty slang? thanks These days whenever I win in halo 3 i get a called a bad 50 for some reason, and sometimes after a loss I'll get people calling me bad when I'm the only one to go positive. I hope people like these can't afford an xbone.
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