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  1. It's so sad how we still have to fight for no sprint. It was clearly added as an attempt to make halo like other super generic FPS games and they seem to think that removing it will somehow turn off casual players. There will be millions who buy Halo 5 just for the campaign. Millions who buy it for MM (and campaign). It will sell well if they add it or not. How many people asked for sprint during the h2 and h3 days?
  2. Why do you think only the competitive community hates sprint? First of all the population of H4 and even reach prove how much halo fans like sprint. A majority of sprint supporters probably don't even end up playing over 100 games of matchmaking. I've been stuck on H3 for the xbox 360 recently and some of the people i've met are definitely NOT competitive players but still hate the new games because mostly AAs and sprint. Halo 2 and Halo 3 were usually the most played games on xbl and that's no surprise because they didn't suck. Believe me, if they remove sprint Halo 5 will still sell the same amount of copies and the backlash will not be as bad as if they add sprint again.
  3. I mean it's fine for games like CoD but not Halo. Increasing movement speed is the obvious way to go but we'll see if they listen to the fans.
  4. Beta or not we still all know that sprint doesn't belong. Other than that, I will play the beta and give feedback on other stuff for sure.
  5. God I fucking hope that people matching others nowhere near their level is something that will be fixed. Being able to back out like all the pathetic h4 players sucks but it better change when they make a patch that actually works. Ranks don't mean anything right now when there are all of these other problems but this game will die in the long run if they're never fixed. I mean, it will die if they don't fix the game in general but we need working ranks in the future.
  6. I'm probably going to still try to get my Xbone on black friday. Really hoping I don't regret wasting my money.
  7. Adding sprint won't even help with sales though. Halo 4's population is a good reflection of how many people like sprint. They just have to make trailers with explosions and shit and kids will buy it.
  8. I love how H3's sniper looks but CEA's looks so cool. H4's takes up the whole screen and for some reason they copied it for H5.
  9. I guess it depends. If it works well I won't be against it but if we get reach's arena again then no thanks.
  10. I would rather have 1-50 BUT a tier system is better than no ranking system like we've gotten in the past 4 years.
  11. I'll have to play it first but from the gameplay i've seen it looks so easy to use.
  12. "I agree with this too. Making BR a starting weapon instead of one worth controlling on the map negates all of the dual-wielding and close-quarters action, which is a significant part of the gameplay" "So BR starts are basically a handicap for people who can't handle another team having power weapons? I don't think that sounds like skill at all." "No then every game would be Team BRs. I don't like how I can get picked off from across the map. It ruins the close-quarter combat that you get when not everyone has a BR. It dumbs down strategy into who can headshot who the fastest" WHY
  13. Obviously no, it isn't needed. In terms of fixing it, removing it and increasing movement speed is the only way. I've seen some sprint supporters say that they'd be fine with this and it's probably because some think Halo is too slow. There's also the misconception of "sprint speeds up gameplay" but being able to move faster doesn't mean gameplay is faster. I remember a 1v1 on Dispatch where I got OS and my opponent just ran away for a minute because it's way too easy to do that in Halo 4. Faster movement =/= faster kill times in the case of sprint. There's also the good point above about how big maps feel empty due to sprint. You have the argument of "every FPS game these days have sprint so halo should too!" but I don't think it's even worth arguing with these people. Halo worked without sprint and Halo 2 and 3 were the top games on their systems until the Xbox servers shut down and Reach came out. We had two bad games and that just about killed halo for a while. Population charts and majornelson.com prove this. If people think you need sprint to attract new fans, that doesn't exactly help (halo 4). Halo 5 will sell millions anyways so they don't need to ruin the gameplay to attempt to sell more. The biggest reason imo why it doesn't belong is because it changes the core so much. We had a game that worked. It played just fine. Other than Halo 3 where movement was pretty slow, Halo really didn't need movement to be drastically changed like this. idk how to explain it but even playing casually I just hate having everyone run around. Like sprint or no sprint I can easily beat bad players but when they're all running around it just makes it more annoying trying to kill them. Still easy but I'd rather not have to chase them around the map. This has been said many times before but it's a get out of jail free card and helps out people with bad positioning. I can give most of the things they're adding to H5 a chance but sprint will always be unneccesary and annoying. Hell, they can put sprint in campaign and I won't mind. Just leave it out of multiplayer if Halo 5 is actually going to be "arena gameplay".
  14. We all need to give 343 some good constructive criticism during/after the beta.
  15. I don't have the game yet so I'm not mad at 343 but damn this is a mess. I really hope the population doesn't drop once the game is fixed because we can finally have good Halo games again. I hope they fix it soon to save some of the population because some people are impatient enough to sell the game instead of waiting. I wonder what they'll do to make up for this.
  16. K thanks. I'm considering just getting the disc and hoping it comes in a bundle or something. The download would eat up 60gigs of my 80gig bandwidth limit, yay Canada! I have $70 on my account so I might just save it and get a new release in the future for free.
  17. Do they download together or could I cancel the game download? I only have enough bandwidth left this month for the patch and saving $70 by not having to go out and buy the game would be cool. I still don't have my xbone btw.
  18. Question here. Does the MCC have to be fully downloaded before you can download the patch? I have enough money on my account to get the game for free digitally but I have a bandwidth limit. Hoping I can buy the game, download the patch in late November and download the game in December to save some of my bandwidth. Unless I pay for a copy I'll have to wait until December.
  19. Remove it. "We know there are people who love sprint and there are people that feel like sprint has no place in halo". One of the devs said that but most people who "love" sprint seem to be indifferent to it instead. Most either haven't played Halo 1-3 or don't realize that higher movement speed can let them move faster. Get rid of sprint and casuals will still buy the game and most won't realize it's gone. Instead they want to potentially ruin another Halo game.
  20. I guess I shouldn't be too sad about not having an xbone right now.
  21. Wow. I thought /r/halo was bad but /r/xboxone is cancer Apparently we're not gamers because we don't like what we saw. People who say they don't like sprint get downvoted like crazy. Shit like this is how we got Halo 4.
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