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  1. No. I wish we could get rid of 343 like the Leafs got rid of Carlyle today :)
  2. It's just not fun. I played around 50 games of no sprint halo 4 and the fact that people died when they were in bad positions was amazing, especially with the good hit detection. Not to mention all of the other shit but I dunno what's fun about giving people get out of jail free cards.
  3. Are there any ways to somehow download the beta from the dashboard? My copy of the MCC is still shipping. :\ I want to play CoDlo 5 to see how all the other new shit feels like, sucks to miss most of the beta.
  4. Sprint polls http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2qpdbm/surprising_poll_results_sprint_halo_does_the/ Still trying to figure out what community likes sprint, other than maybe this guy.
  5. This would be the only acceptable way to balance sprint for me but there are still problems with big maps in a so called "arena" game. There's still no real reason for sprint in H5 other than trying to make Halo super generic.
  6. Can I steal this to reply to that guy? I'll probably get a response just as stupid as his original post but oh well.
  7. "The one argument that sprint ruins the game cause it puts your gun down and that should never happen has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. You choose to sprint in which case you choose to put the gun down. You don't have to sprint. Apparently there needs to be a button combo that allows sprinting with your gun drawn. Or at least a half sprint/ power walk where you can still shoot and move quick at the same time" People like not being able to shoot in a FPS game apparently. I also just learned that we don't like sprint because we can't adapt, damn.
  8. I'll probably get some /r/halo logic that will give me an aneurysm but I made this discussion http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2qvt7o/sprint_supporters_would_you_be_fine_with_this/
  9. I really hope my MCC disk ships tomorrow so I can install halo games all day
  10. I don't know what happened to the link to reddit but here it is. The poll right now has over 1000 votes and 65% so far are against sprint. Waypoint is against sprint, Beyond is against sprint, /r/halo is even against sprint. Who still wants it in exactly?
  11. I don't have beta access yet but from a viewer standpoint I find spartan chatter very annoying. The post game screen with bro spartans looks stupid as well. Just wanted to get those out of the way because they're unnecessary tbh. I'll be back after I get to play it to comment on the mechanics.
  12. I'm still waiting for my copy to ship but I'll be playing it for the first time (other than beating my brother in a 1v1) as well. I probably won't care enough to learn spawns but I'm looking forward to it.
  13. xboxdvr.com/Yppols/7904a227-4045-427e-8904-8513918a7bcb
  14. http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2p6yq3/detailled_post_by_josh_holmes_343_industries/ If people from /r/halo are posting these things then something is definitely wrong.
  15. Cool. If it's cheap I'll buy it for sure. Unless they did just recently, nope. Sucks because I was looking forward to ranks for a while. The only other problem for me was that I could never find competitive games going on. Too many people just fucking around so I got bored of the game.
  16. I love how the spartans don't shut up now!
  17. Some good posts in here, hopefully we get a reply back.
  18. First of all it is nice to have devs posting here. @@Sal1ent and @@Deez I hope you guys keep posting. I don't think I'll ever be convinced about sprint though. Worst case if they keep it in I really hope that good players can easily prevent people from escaping from bad positions. Remember how awful Adrift was? With sprint it was so easy to run around and stay alive when you should have been dead. Again though we were fine without sprint in the past. Lore shouldn't have any effect on multiplayer game mechanics.
  19. I still don't get it. It's obvious that sprint is only in for the people who will stop playing halo 5 after a week either way. How many people who buy Halo only/mostly for the multiplayer like sprint? No sprint won't hurt sales so I don't get it. Sprint in campaign is fine but I don't know why they're actually considering putting it in MM again.
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