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  1. I'm pretty sure they said something before about how they were going to revive halo 4 so no, I have no confidence in them doing it for the MCC.
  2. The problem is that they'll give us a playlist, maybe two without sprint while the rest are going to be ruined with sprint. 11% is bullshit and they'll pretend that community polls with a majority against sprint never happened? How many of the 89% will be playing Halo 5 after a month?
  3. I'm sure someone has posted this but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-selection_bias
  4. You won't be laughing when Connor McDavid gets 200 points for the leafs next season
  5. i'm at a loss for words http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2ueoca/thank_you_to_343_for_acknowledging_rhalo/co7vrwv People are seriously still defending 343 and because it works for them there's no problem
  6. Probably will be if 343 doesn't listen
  7. This is getting crazy. I really wish 343 would delay Halo 5 until they fix the MCC but nope, they already have our money. Fucking insane and fuck the people who still defend 343. I'm wasting so much time trying to play this and I don't even get the crappy compensation because I got the game too late.
  8. The fact that I can't use my headphones sucks and when I play at night I keep my monitor volume really low. My awareness is a lot worse now so even if we had ranks I probably wouldn't care. It's kinda fun to play casually again though.
  9. I spent about 45 minutes searching for a game earlier. Friends found games fine when they tried to search alone but 343 hates people who want to play with friends.
  10. I can't do shit when the other team has most of the weapons on big maps that people can easily sprint and thrust away on and I have an assault rifle. On truth AR starts I pretty much had to wait in my base for the BR or DMR to spawn. I hear that AR starts promotes more map movement but that's not at all true in Halo 5.
  11. So I've gotten to play enough games to at least get an opinion on Halo 5 and I'm not buying it if it stays this way. Does anyone seriously think it's a good game? A few days ago I played h5 for over an hour and then went on the MCC to casually fuck around in customs with friends on H2 and a bit of H1. Halo 5 didn't even compare to these games. I can never see myself having fun on a 3-5 person FFA on Truth while in H2 it's somehow so much fun on Midship. I have no clue what I'm doing on Halo 1 but still manage to have fun. The flow on halo 5 feels off, probably because 343 added a bunch of defensive mechanics for some reason. Sorry but let's be real, do you guys really want to play this aborted "halo" game for a year or two?
  12. I just want the MCC to work, even just to casually play the older games. I know we're not going to get working ranks but it's rediculous that when a small group of people are on we can't even find a fucking game. The MCC's population is probably below 10k right now and sadly it's going to be dead by Halo 5 since 343 is incompetent. Sucks that there are people who are attached to a large corporation and think that complaining somehow makes them less of a Halo fan or something. How many franchises went downhill as badly as Halo other than maybe Spyro?
  13. I finally have a team to play with and we're stuck with ARs now woo
  14. H3 argument still going? Holy crap. I know it has problems but lol if people think it's a bad game.
  15. First post is "sprint is fine", great logic and reasoning there. X'd out when the other post said that Greenskull's opinion matters. Fuck some of these people who suck 343's dick for no reason, seriously. I bet these people won't even end up playing more than 100 games. My first game was against a bunch of people in gold. I also had no game sound for the few games I played. I'm starting to wonder if Halo 5 will even work when it launches.
  16. It keeps booting me out and giving me server errors. Nice first impression, I wonder if the beta will ever work for me.
  17. GT: B5dog MM or customs Region: The Great White North I never really played H2 so I won't be that good but I should be able to hang.
  18. http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/2s6zgz/stop_preordering_video_games_a_plea_from_one/ This is on the front page of Reddit, good that it's getting awareness.
  19. The problem with halo right now is that they aren't making H5 for the fans who are the most likely to play the game for its whole lifespan. You have a lot more fans than 343 realizes who don't like sprint and a lot of the new unnecessary stuff they added, yet they want to alienate a lot of us. If you try to make it casual like Halo 4, you'll piss off and chase away thousands of players and luckily we have proof from population numbers. I guarantee that if 343 shows that they don't care about they people who made halo popular in the first place, we'll get another Halo 4. Does anyone really think bringing back sprint and adding a bunch of permanent spartan abilities is going to make the people who will buy Halo 5 since it's the newest game play it after a week? Nope. Advertise it and pay IGN to give it a 10/10 like usual and it will sell well, like usual. We'll just have a game that's almost dead less than a year in again. If they want people to keep playing their game a few years down the road they need to make the dedicated Halo fans happy. I made the mistake of playing Halo 4 for about a year because I had friends that still played it but at this point I won't even buy Halo 5 if they keep sprint in. Spoilers: no one cares about immersion.
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