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  1. Is anyone randomly having your game freeze, then your xbox shutting off during games? It's happening way more often than I'd like recently. My friend also says he's having the same thing happen and actually got a Series X because he thinks his Xbox is the problem. Only happens when I play MCC.
  2. I've got more time to play again since I'm in lockdown for at least a month. I usually get on pretty late these days, after midnight EST. I'm mostly looking for people to play social with since I hate playing solo these days, I only play CE/H2/H3 but don't mind playing Reach if I can get a team. GT is b5dog
  3. But how could I when 343 doesn’t listen to anything we say? It’s one thing if they listened to feedback but we know Infinite will very likely be trash. I have zero faith in them and the cycle will just continue. A trailer for Infinite will probably release soon and everyone will lose their shit regardless of quality or a lack of gameplay shown. Kids that just play the campaign will defend the game because it has Halo in its name. It will probably die quickly because it will suck yet they’ll pretend it’s the best halo yet. I’d love to be optimistic but there’s no point. I think I’ve watched a couple in the past. I’ll revisit them but it would be great to have someone address why the general state of halo was ruined by 343. I also just had the idiot I was talking about link something about microtransactions to try to help his argument. Goddamn I hate these people.
  4. Haven't really posted on this forum for a while so idk if this is the best topic to post this in. I get in Twitter arguments with idiots about Halo sometimes, I legit think it's bad for my mental health knowing how clueless some of these people are. I hate 343 so much and the army of kids who defend them just because they make Halo annoy me way too much lol. If I claim anything I actually can source it to back up my claims and shit, usually they just stop replying in that case or resort to other stupid arguments non surprisingly. They usually say bullshit facts I can easily disprove, one guy just claimed H5 was the most played Halo lmao, he also said it made the most money and sent a link that included console sales. I was in middle school when H3 came out and just about everyone with an Xbox was playing it, these days I don't think any of them even play halo anymore. Claiming H5 is the most played halo might be the dumbest thing I've ever read from a casual. I also get in arguments over sprint sometimes but that pisses me off even more, I really need to unfollow every twitter account that attracts these people. Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone has made a post that generally proves why H4/5 suck, examples of why the new mechanics suck for halo, examples of 343's many lies, population data, etc. I sometimes get the urge to write a borderline essay that goes over almost everything that I can simply link to people instead of having to argue. We really need one of those but I don't feel like going through all of the effort, I'll just get sad writing it after how bad the state of halo and it's community (like the cesspool r/halo) has gotten.
  5. "Quinn DelHoyo’s Weapon Balancing Expertise" Reading this pisses me off lol
  6. I'm logging in to my account for the first time in like 2 years just to say holy shit, 343 never ceases to amaze me. I don't know how people still give them money.
  7. I'm happy this game failed. Knowing 343, I doubt they'll admit that they fucked up like usual but we can only dream that they start listening to fans, right? They built a game for casuals again and look where that got them.
  8. "Multiplayer is not allowed. The Multiplayer feature is blocked due to your Xbox Live settings. Please make sure you have the correct Xbox Live account and your family settings are turned off." ok
  9. I've given up on halo ever being good again, I didn't get Halo 5 and probably won't get H6 unless they finally get rid of sprint.
  10. So I don't know if it was mentioned already but you guys should look at the "most played" section in the xbl store for a good laugh. I'm so glad they kept sprint in for all the people who stopped playing after a week.
  11. It's so hard to find games now. Has any employee said a single word about this game in the last 3 weeks? I'm disappointed that so many people here got halo 5.
  12. For sure. I feel like we probably won't be playing at the same time too often but if we are i'll invite ya
  13. I'm not giving 343 any more money so I'll still be on the MCC. Well, occasionally since I hate playing alone and my friends will all stop playing this. Is anyone else still going to be playing this? I'll probably be playing casual stuff like TS, h1 4v4, and BTB if anyone wants to join Also, it's so sad how much I don't give a shit about a new halo game coming out. Fuck you 343
  14. Didn't I play reach with you back in 2012? Connection was always fucking us over but it was fun.
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