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  1. I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed. This was an opportunity to really blow people away with what they have done since H5 launch and it just fell flat.
  2. So Lethul wasn't thrilled about the side station I take it. :P
  3. 343 gunna 343. Being grown adults and not being able to handle some internet criticism must be a sad existence.
  4. I know it will never happen because of licensing with MLG and whatnot but I would do bad things for a "Throwback Pack" that had skins like Final Boss, Carbon, TD, Instinct
  5. Reddit was saying no. Was hoping someone here could confirm
  6. Would you say it feels more like classic Halo aiming now or is there still the strange acceleration curve? Also is it just behind the scenes changes or is there more customization options for aiming now?
  7. I would do very bad things for a Crimsons Skies remastered or a Crimson Skies 2.
  8. Can't believe it has been 15 years O_O Started playing on day 1 and started playing online during the times of Gamespy tunneling. Amazing to not only still be playing the same franchise now but also to see how far online gaming has come since then. Really when you think about it 15 years is not all that long to go from using software to trick Xbox's into thinking they were LANing to what we have now where we are able to have skill based matchmaking, friends lists, ranking systems etc. Halo was a big player in creating the landscape for online console gaming and I will be forever grateful to Bungie for creating such a masterpiece.
  9. League is a free to play game built on micro transactions. While I still think that is insanity for a skin... I can at least somewhat wrap my head around it.
  10. I quite enjoyed the video but then I don't much care for H5 (from a competitive stand point) so it was kind of geared towards me to begin with. I think a big problem for fans of H1 is how many competitive players now like the team shooting approach that Halo has taken basically since H1. I personally do not prefer it and is one of the reasons I haven't been quite as dedicated to playing Halo competitively since H1. A lot of my friends who like team shooting style of Halo like it because team shot would imply teamwork. I don't dispute that having a good team shot takes team work. Of course it does. I just disagree that it is the only way to achieve it in Halo. I hate the idea of sacrificing an individuals ability to dominate on their own in order to achieve team work. Sluggish strafe, slow kill times and a load of escape-ability mechanics do exactly that. I have however accepted that if only one game in the series wasn't focused around team shot....we probably won't be seeing a Halo now that ditches that concept and moves to individual power.
  11. I love Ninja but in his stream saying H5 has fast kill times... I just couldn't disagree more. Maybe in a vacuum but the movement system does so much to slow down the avg kill times.
  12. Oh absolutely. I understand why it is how it is, it's just a completely different structure all around. It's just interesting what the stability of the game itself does to the stability of the teams.
  13. Being a fan of both competitive Halo and CSGO it is crazy how different team changes are from game to game. CS it happens so infrequently and in Halo it is after every major tournament.
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