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  1. So Lethul wasn't thrilled about the side station I take it. :P
  2. 343 gunna 343. Being grown adults and not being able to handle some internet criticism must be a sad existence.
  3. Someone on Reddit said it best... Factory workers are becoming the new evangelicals to presidential candidates. They pander to them saying that they will fix their situation and it's a promise they can in no way keep. Jobs went off shore because it is cheap. It's not like long term they come back and the business eats the cost and everything goes back to how it was 30-40 years ago. They come back and they automate and then push them right the fuck back out OR they don't even have the jobs to begin with. The data is out there to support that. Looking at small wins like Ford canceling their Mexico plans as Trump fulfilling his promises is silly. Small potatoes.
  4. I know it will never happen because of licensing with MLG and whatnot but I would do bad things for a "Throwback Pack" that had skins like Final Boss, Carbon, TD, Instinct
  5. Reddit was saying no. Was hoping someone here could confirm
  6. Would you say it feels more like classic Halo aiming now or is there still the strange acceleration curve? Also is it just behind the scenes changes or is there more customization options for aiming now?
  7. So what do you propose? Isolationism? Or do you just mean you don't like how he isn't overly patriotic to the extent that he thinks the US is the best thing since sliced bread? Not trying to be a smart ass I am just curious what parts of globalism you dislike?
  8. Can confirm. I like to fuck things.
  9. How is that a deflection? lol. He supports it because he believes it works it's really not that difficult. I don't want people running my government who support things based on religious BS. That goes for Democrats and Republicans.
  10. So do you truly believe that Mike Pence doesn't think being gay is a choice? I mean come on. He supported it because he believes in a book of fairy tales that tells him being gay is a sin. He absolutely was supporting it as a solution to being gay.
  11. I would do very bad things for a Crimsons Skies remastered or a Crimson Skies 2.
  12. Can't believe it has been 15 years O_O Started playing on day 1 and started playing online during the times of Gamespy tunneling. Amazing to not only still be playing the same franchise now but also to see how far online gaming has come since then. Really when you think about it 15 years is not all that long to go from using software to trick Xbox's into thinking they were LANing to what we have now where we are able to have skill based matchmaking, friends lists, ranking systems etc. Halo was a big player in creating the landscape for online console gaming and I will be forever grateful to Bungie for creating such a masterpiece.
  13. People are talking about real solutions. Over population means more dependency on fossil fuels no arguments here. Solutions revolve around lowering our dependency on fossil fuels by transitioning to clean renewable energy. I am not some hippie who will sit here and tell you we have the means today to cut out fossil fuels entirely but we CAN make changes to limit our reliance on them and continue to further various technologies to help push in that direction in the future. Is it easy to accomplish? Fuck no, of course not. But denying that it is an issue and keeping on the same path we have been is not the answer. Look I understand that there are not many people that want to worry about something that most likely wouldn't effect us until 2100 at the earliest but it will effect future generations and for as much we complain about the baby boomers fucking things up... I would prefer not to be the pot calling the kettle black.

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