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  1. To anyone that still is using your ar's in proving grounds, kill yourself.
  2. Randa is, In my opinion, the best non precision weapon user in the game. That guy will kill you with plasma caster and storm rifles all game long.
  3. Stop being so likeable EU scum.....You're toying with my emotions.
  4. Duh guys, people are always looking to move from a game where they are regarded as one of the best players just to make less money..... (Insert thumbs up)(high five)
  5. http://play.eslgaming.com/halo/north-america/halo5guardians-one/major/go4halo/cup-24/team/9550188/
  6. @ Be more optimistic! Going into it assuming the gametypes are going to be bad isn't conducive to a healthy testing environment!
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