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  1. I don't usually like posting my own tweets here, but thoughts on this idea? I heard Ninja and Unlegit talking about this and thought it would be a pretty smart move, depending on how hard that would be to implement? 


    Not sure how big the population is do to this though. If creating these playlist made the wait time like it was with MCC, I'd rather leave it the way it is. It's a great idea though! Especially those who are aspiring to become professionals and are looking for teams to scim against.

  2. Theres been a lot of videos and advice posted. Thanks @@xxcloud7xx for posting my thread. Fuck you @@Batchford for not  :kappa:


    @@KGNorth, theres so much to view and read, but I highly suggest looking into all of it. Learn the maps and call outs first that way you can understand a lot of the tutorial videos. If you have any specific questions or feel you need help improving in a specific area that is difficult for you to understand through text, message me at Teapot Yo and I can help you out in game.

    Thank you all for the great advice and input! I will definitely look through all the videos and content tonight to try to raise my Halo IQ. I just regret not playing Halo CE sooner. Not sure if I will still be playing H1 when H5 comes out but if it does flop (I seriously hope it doesn't), I'll definitely be grinding for my 50 in CE  :halo:

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  3. So I just started playing Halo CE online for the first time on MCC and was wondering if anyone had any tips on aiming/shooting the pistol? I think your supposed to lead your shots a little bit depending on the distance, right? What about strafing? Does it affect the trajectory of the shot while you strafe? Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm playing a lot of H1 to pass the time while H5 comes out. I just want to stop dropping -20's every game against people that get the game and know the spawns. I apologize if this wasn't the right place to post these questions.

  4. Hey how's it going yall! I'm new to the forums and kind of new to the halo scene. I played H2 and H3 casually. I was never any good but I loved playing. Never played Reach but a little but of H4 and didn't like it. Started playing again when MCC came out. Couldn't stand the online play until just recently. I play a lot of Halo:CE nowadays and I'm excited for H5 to come out. Probably gonna grind the fuck out of it till Fallout 4 comes out XD welp that about does it, hope to see yall in the forums! And please be nice, I'm a BK :P

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