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  1. I don't know whose idea the bridges were but I think it would play better without them. I think what you do need is a hard route into the bases from the front instead of a jump up. Also, the jump up into the bases from the back needs to be more defined and more user friendly. It feels awkward and out of place. The map played pretty well in our lobby the other night. I would keep the flags on the top of the bases. Gold could use a little work. not necessarily more elevated just possibly more than 1 level. like a tiered look.
  2. I don't like to go into forge mode and nitpick at peoples maps. I play them in custom games and try and give feedback on how the map plays not how the map looks. I feel that is most important. unfortunately I haven't been playing much lately but I'll be sure to give you some feedback once i play it.
  3. I do not see a single resemblance to a skatepark here...
  4. you can't make a map called dharma without making another map called greg
  5. It looks like zealot from hell... but with a way more original name...
  6. haha sorry i couldn't resist. at least you didn't say 'anyways' like most people do. That would have been a no-no for sure.
  7. too bad he named it courtyard...
  8. I have updated to Dojo 1.5. its in my fileshare redemption. I made changes to gold area to make it not so campy with the ball.
  9. yes... so you won't have a good connection until long after it's over...
  10. pre-built pcs are sooo 2012... i would suggest taking the design layout and actually making the structures yourself instead of using those pcs. I think the initial reaction to those pcs is very negative and show a lack of creativity.
  11. Pyrex is far from small for 4v4... are you sure you know which map that is?
  12. why don't you do a little bit of research yourself instead of trying to get everyone else to do your dirty work. there is a pinned thread called 4v4 map list which has all the community maps listed with their threads and downloads. 90% of those are going to work good with no sprint because no sprint is amazing. sorry for the double post
  13. the smaller version is just as bad and annoying as the original and plays terrible with ns.
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