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  1. Nope at this point 3v5industries has just made me a little insane. LMAO
  2. This is the best community to be in by far! Lets make Halo 5 our Halo! If we can't do it no one can. Who is with me?
  3. Anyone that wants to inv me to the Preview members that would be awesome. GT : Broskian
  4. Same for me if it searches for a bit it puts me in a 2v2 everytime.
  5. Josh seems to think we will be good. I hope so too
  6. Its like Night and Day with CE now. Just got done playing and most fun I've had since this Game came out. Long Live CE
  7. I'm tweeted them this multiple times. never once get a response. Its like asking where all the dedicated servers are? Yeah fun
  8. By the time all the patches come out there isn't going to be room on anyone's harddrive for anything else but halo. Sad Truth
  9. So Microsoft want halo for another 30 years? http://www.gamespot.com/articles/microsoft-wants-halo-to-last-another-30-years/1100-6424217/ Who can see halo lasting that long at this point?
  10. Here is a pretty good read on paying for broken games aka Halo MCC and numerous other titles this year. http://www.joystiq.com/2014/12/15/were-paying-for-broken-games-and-its-unacceptable/
  11. Could there be another update Today or Tomorrow ETA? Bonnie Ross thinks so! https://twitter.com/PlutonForEver/status/544561162231107584 Will it fix things? That is yet to be seen really.

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