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  1. I'll start at 2004 since that's when I came into the scene. 2004-Ogres 2005- Walshy 2006-Karma 2007-Gandhi :gandhi: 2008-Snipedown 2009-Pistola 2010-Roy 2013-Pistola/Ace 2014- :maven: We all know that Ogre 2 was a God every year but I like too expand and look deeper. GG WP
  2. I remember when I played casual Halo. But then I found MLG and I never wanted to suck at Halo again. Got my 50 in the MLG Playlist and was so happy that I got that far. And then I see this. Halo 4 ruined my love for Halo and ordnance/loadouts were the cancer to the franchise. I can see why some love it and it hurts knowing that will probably be in Halo 5. I wanted to see Halo go back to its roots and become the competitive title that Bungie made it into. 343 had a burden in trying to recreate Halo for a new audience and with that took pieces of different games to make Halo more appealing to CoD fans and Battle Field fans. They failed in the eyes of the new audience and tore the hearts of old Halo fans. This post was probably by a guy/girl who never played the old Halo games and may have come into the scene around Halo: Reach or Halo 4 and doesn't know what Competitive Halo use to be. My favorite line in the segment was,"For example my favorite gun is the storm rifle." Now let's look at this for a moment.... If I was good at the Battle Rifle and you walked up to me with a "Storm Rifle" I would make you look like a joke and I would strafe and 4 shot you into the ground before your second shot hit me. Now does that seem competitive? No. Not in the slightest. It makes you look bad and it wastes my time having to kill you when my team needs me in better fights. The reason Halo use to be competitive was the fact that everyone started with the same weapon and we would see who was better at that weapon, timing the power weapons/power-ups and who had better map control to get objectives and weapons. That is what Competitive Halo was. You shouldn't be rewarded for getting 3 kills and have the mystical Halo Gods give you a Rocket Launcher. You have to earn it. Timing the weapons was a key part in any Win. That is what Halo should be for Halo 5. Using Strategy to beat your opponent. Not, "I GOT 3 KILLS! GIVE ME THAT ROCKET LAUCHER B****!" If anyone disagrees with what I said then I guess....
  3. Alright. Account has been made but I can't post anything....
  4. Hey Guys and possible Gals, Friendly Neighborhood Arsunist here in need of some Halo 3 videos and perhaps some Halo 1/2 videos. I am working on a video that I'm going to be pouring blood, sweat and tears into but I need clips that I can't get at the moment. I don't have time to get these clips myself due to work/school so I am asking the community to do me a solid and donate your videos. All videos that I get will be given credit to the person who supplied them at the end of my video. (If its someone else video that you took please let me know so I can give the original owner some credit as well.) Most needed: H3: I need certain gametype videos such as Oddball, Assault, KOTH, blah blah blah. I will accept every video I get and if you have a video that does NOT make it in then I will still give you credit at the end of the video. If you provide a Halo 2 or even a Halo: CE video you have a more likely chance of getting in faster. (I'm looking for videos that will help me better understand the spawning system.) How would you like your credit? At the end of the video I will be putting names in the "Video's provided by" section and if you would like a Twitter or a Gamertag or even your real name, please tell me as soon as you send me the clip. How to submit: Halo: CE/Halo 2 Youtube videos- send to either my twitter or put the video links in your post. Halo 3: You can put them in your Halo 3 fileshare (old school) and send me a message on Xbox. Gamertag is Arsunist. I have a capture card so I can save you some hassle. Halo 4: I can get these myself but if you want you can send them to me as well. After collecting all the necessary videos I will start on my piece and be showing the first version of it on my Twitch page. (www.twitch.tv/arsunist) There is no official release but it will most likely be done by the end of October maybe early November. Thank you to all who donate :unclesudd:
  5. TRAITOR! Just kidding man. Try it out and I can't wait to see what you create. Just use good music for the love of God!
  6. Oh yes. Sorry wrong word usage. But none the less, I am happy and I hope everything come back to use
  7. I'll by the Black one White can't hide the fat :gandhi:
  8. Zealot was the only map I liked in Reach till the Anniversary pack came out.
  9. Ya. I would somewhat like Zanzibar to return but it was run down a lot. But the same could be said for every map from H2/H3. That's why I like this topic. I like to hear people express new ideas of map remakes.
  10. Besides High Ground, I agree. But your opinion is great none the less
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