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  1. this is a good example of why the competitive halo community is literally cancer. hope you get hit with the rank down, bro.
  2. You'd think the Master Chief would have a polarized lens/visor on his helmet... smh
  3. well it comes out in september, what do you expect? On another note, i was actually kind of impressed by some of the questions the interviewer was asking like when he asked about custom game options like turning the specials off and such, even though he couldnt speak on that yet.
  4. Bold is THE #1 THING that they should have realized and taken from Cod's success. been saying it since reach.
  5. Thank you based Synth.
  6. couldnt quite narrow it to 5 1. IN GAME RANKS 2. Spectator Mode 3a. No Sprint 3b. Descope 4. No loadouts 5. Old school Oddball/CTF/Assault. (no auto pickups, no cross-map throws, bring assault back) Edit: please allow parties to watch theater together....
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