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  1. ready to drink bleach when I read MLG will have no parts of anything Halo related..
  2. Well I know that but didn't 343i say they were going to announce the new TO at a later date?
  3. So when are we getting this news that MLG is running Halo again?
  4. Most true words I've ever read in my life.. I live by all those words. ALL FREAKING DAY
  5. I ain't even going to lie, I gotta beat my shit every other day.
  6. I'm being nosey What branch? I'm Army, stationed in Hawaii..currently in Guam for 6 months. Like both of you awaiting a Halo Game that can bring back those H1,H2, & H3 feelings.
  7. This is exactly why Halo is in the decline it's in...
  8. Did Pistola get some Kardashian ass since he's been out the Halo Scene ? He's been talking a lot of crazy, leaving his long time fan like half the time.. Please don't fall off like Kanye and Lamar, Pistola.
  9. They had to do whatever it takes to match Call Of Duty and steal those fans back Most of these maps literally look maps I'd see in these recent CODs.
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