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  1. It's hard to go to an event with no LAN experience and not having the money when MLG was around to go to events. And I know Chig lives/lived in the town right next to me and Snipedown lives/lived like 45 minutes away from me. I just wish there were more AM players near the Indy area.
  2. Seems like there aren't many players from the Indianapolis area.
  3. Looking for a team that will pick someone up with no LAN experience (No LANs in Indiana and never had the money to go to an event). I will try my hardest and am very open to criticism. My gamertag is in my Signature. Have a good day everybody.
  4. Gamertag doesn't look familiar, but we can play if you want! I'm always down to play with new people.
  5. If you post your gamertag I may be able to confirm playing with you. Have a good day.
  6. I live in Avon just west of Indianapolis. I'm trying to find some local players to play with and possibly team with for events. I hope everyone is having a good day. Feel free to add me GT: Relinquisha.
  7. Hey everyone, it's me Relinquisha. I hope everyone is having a good day. Just wanted to stop by and say hey.
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