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  1. Still have The Pit, Narrows, Guardian, and Construct. All you need.
  2. I just want good maps There has really not been a great company produced map since Halo 3. The Pit, Narrows, Guardian, Midship etc. They all played so smooth and were aesthetically pleasing. I really hate the look of forged maps (though you forge guys do an incredible job and I'm not knocking your work at all).
  3. Mannnnn... That shi- cray
  4. Yeah, that part of me only wants to catch up to where the books are up to in the show. That way I get to see it unfold, then go back and learn the lore and history behind everything. That's what I'm enjoying most about reading through the first book after watching the series.
  5. I drive the Enable bandwagon. Every one hopped on 3 years ago when he was the best. Everyone will hop back on again soon, don't worry
  6. I'm just gonna do my Top 4 of all time. H2 Final Boss - Og1 Og2 Walshy Strongside Carbon - Shockwav3 Gh057ayame Ghandhi Karma H3 Status Quo - Flamesword Ace Enable Assault Instinct - Roy LunchBox Og2 Pistola Enable is the best to ever play the game.
  7. It's shitty how Microsoft is treating a lot of the people who have been paid subscribers to them for 5+ years. We've seen recently that Microsoft has gone back and fixed issues that they released, with Windows 8 and they are releasing the 8.1 upgrade. I'm hoping they come around and stop being assholes to the people who helped put them where they are.
  8. Rewatching old H3 VoD. #LOCKITUP
  9. Intrigue

    OT Thread of OT

    Not much mayne, chillen chillen. Working 40 hour weeks in the big person world. Ready to start grad school.
  10. Classic will be there for the dethroneing of Ambush, but they won't be participating.. only watching. sQ top 1.
  11. Intrigue

    OT Thread of OT

    I'm that guy, built so fly, got a silk bow tie. Don't know why I'm built so fly, but I am no lie. OH MY!
  12. Intrigue

    OT Thread of OT

    Well we knew there would never be another OT of OT....
  14. Enable is still the best. No one can compete with him.
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