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  1. I've been wandering why they haven't put the ability to completely edit the landscape. Far Cry Instincts map editor had it. It would give you endless possibilities. Also having the ability to change the time of day would be awesome.
  2. Personally, I feel they have tried to make it 'futuristic', the old weapons are similar in shape to most modern weapons. The problem being it's made them look clunky. I also think some of the maps look like they used cel-shading (Such as Haven). Which I found rather odd.
  3. I think I read that they were running one LAN and one online event, I assume the online event will be worldwide. Otherwise it will suck most terribly.
  4. I have a friend with OptimusUnprimed, which I think is pretty awesome. My GT is an old one from back when we used to have clans, so it's the clan and my surname. Not special at all. I guess I would go for EtCh if I could.
  5. S3N7

    Pokémon Thread

    Agreed. Squirtle was awesome. And still is. I loved having Blastoise as well, always have to decide whether to evolve Squirtle or not. Actually, thinking about it, I really don't like the middle evolutions. The starters are awesome and cute (and who doesn't love a level 100 Squirtle?), The final evolutions are badass, and the middle ones are neither.
  6. Warriors is a team of great slayers, but they haven't got any objective players. While it works against weaker teams, against the top teams you need to have both slayer and objective. That's what Ryanoob brought to Warriors, even if he doesn't come positive often he helps drastically in Obj. game types.
  7. Lemmings on the Sega Megadrive. Used to play it everyday after school. Then probably Halo CE. Played a lot of Runescape back then as well.
  8. While I agree with most of this, I still don't like the Kinect coming with it. I will not use it and as such do not want it. It increases the price, so I'm paying ~ £100 for an item which is (for me) piece of, useless, junk.
  9. I'm going for a male Hunter Exo, the description (for Exo) sounds awesome. 'Sinister, powerful and tireless'.
  10. One of the most annoying things (for me) about the Xbox One is that it comes with Kinect. That inclusion bumps up the price, and is really something which I will never use, or certainly not need. The 24 hour connection is a bit of a pain, I sometimes go to remote places for a week or so with no internet and friends and play Xbox and party. Without internet we can't play Xbox.
  11. I think I'll be going for Hunter. I like the look of them and think they will best suit my style of play. I was never really a fan of using magic, give me a rifle instead any day.
  12. The Xbox comes with the Kinect, which bumps up the price. I'm not one for using Kinect, so I don't like the fact that I have to buy it if I want the console. However, if you are likely to use Kinect, it may be more worth it.
  13. I voted Xbox 360. Currently I don't want to be buying the Xbox One, but I'm not a big fan of Sony, but I'll wait and see what develops over the next few months, and make a decision at a later date.
  14. The copy and paste idea is one which I have thought would be useful for such a long time now, same with the building into terrain. Time of day would be awesome. However, whilst I feel that the ability to alter terrain would be pretty nifty, I can't see it being implemented.
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