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  1. This is beautiful. When they're pissing off the Facebook casuals you know they're losing their general audience.
  2. Great article. It's a shame that Microsoft has continued the "release first, fix later" trend that has infected gaming over the past couple of years. Hopefully these issues will be addressed soon. I haven't got an Xbox ONE yet but seeing these problems, especially the difficulty in interacting with friends, makes it hard to justify buying one right now.
  3. Sounds better than CTF because there won't be indicators on the objective player's head. Might allow objective players to actually be sneaky on a linear map.
  4. I'm glad you can because anyone outside America can't. The lack of players means that international players just get lumped in with the Americans. Feels like yellow bar halo 3 all over again.
  5. I wasn't really in the know about competitive H3 discussions back in the day. But what was the deal with firebombs (incineration grenades)? Why were they not considered? IMO they could have made for some interesting plays.
  6. In game: no descope, the existence of sprint and the lack of a good connection filter. Outside of the game: uni. Pokemon>
  7. r/competitivehalo is much better but it's very small in comparison. The greatest weakness of r/halo is itself. It is still reddit so pictures will always have more upvotes than videos and discussions so you will frequently see screen-shots, cosplays and halo collection photos at the top rather than quality content.
  8. The chat can be cool when someone gets a good play because it replicates a crowd reaction. However, most of the time it's just attention-seeking morons.
  9. If NS, Pitfall, if sprint, Station 9. Then again I won't play Halo 4 if there is sprint.
  10. Just played some NS custom 2v2s. I almost thought I was playing real Halo for a second. In all seriousness NS needs to happen. I was always a NS advocate but after playing the settings and seeing how well they play on all the existing slayer maps I will never go back. Thanks to StrongSide Jr for the gametypes.
  11. Damn I must have just missed you. Is there anyone else running no sprint customs right now?
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