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  1. The amount of aesthetic detail that went into this map just blows my mind. Good luck in Forgehub's contest as I'm sure it plays solid too.
  2. I would calm down slightly. Though I agree, the pre-game lobby in H5 is another sad joke.
  3. This is pretty much how I've felt since Halo 4, although I believe Halo Reach started it with armor abilities (or Halo 3 with equipment). I refuse to believe that all the bullshit (most especially sprint) we have now is the "norm" and it wouldn't help the franchise to remove it. Sprint played a big part in ruining Halo's population count and now people think Halo can't thrive without it. Like what the fuck? It also blows my mind that they continue to remove core gametypes like oddball and king of the hill and introduce depthless gametypes like Breakout. That could have been created since Halo 3 I'm pretty sure, yet people like Kevin Franklin brand it and consider it something unique. My line of thinking is why would someone consider even buying Halo if it is trying to be the same game as call of duty / battlefield? The point is to innovate in the industry and that is exactly what Halo did when it first came to existence. But now we have 343 who wants to ruin the lives of fans by removing that innovation with every installment to be like everyone else. Like, is there no logic in the idea of people buying and playing two different shooters? People need a breath of fresh air some time, but Halo can't provide that if it is not unique to its competitors. What disappoints me the most is the actual potential that exists to create a great Halo. 343 has so much data in front of them, concerning gameplay and general features. However, I'll be surprised to see anything great with 343/Microsoft's poor ideals. "Don't fix what isn't broken." "What do you mean?" -343 Industries
  4. I feel that too, except I blamed my xbox since it hasn't ran Halo 3 in a long time. I at least get used to it after a couple of games. Honestly I would still play OG H3 every now and then if I could play more playlists than social slayer
  5. I can agree to that because everyone and their grandma loved Oversoul (includes me too), but I don't think it was a great map per se. Also, I just like Dead Center's simplicity, but perhaps it is a little too lacking.
  6. I have absolutely no idea how a gametype like Breakout has made any stride into existence at all. I assume an elimination gametype never existed in previous Halos because bungie had the common sense to know it wouldn't work without serious gameplay changes. But I guess idiots at 343 make any ridiculous thing possible. Anything to pollute this franchise. The forge map, Dead Center, was a forge map built in Halo Reach that was legitimately designed for a one-life gametype, so there is at least a little bit going for Breakout now. I can't speak for the rest of the maps, but pretty much anything by Solo and/or Seth are very likely solid maps. The map by Seth and Warholic looks absolutely sick.
  7. Are there any specific aim settings (including inner/outer deadzone) that people recommend for someone who likes to play 6-8 sens on H3/R/4? I have been having trouble finding something I like. Edit:
  8. I don't think the "gold pro community" has much of a choice when it comes to optimal competitive settings. Sprint, thrust, and clamber are not going anywhere. And for that matter, there are players here that prefer those extra abilities for the meta they are said to bring. Also, while there are some forge maps that probably implement specific jumps, there are many more maps that'll play both basic Halo and ability-based halo. The traditional sprint-jump-thrust-clamber that you see on maps just cheat map design in my opinion. Map design hasn't changed much, just 343 continues to make shitty, shitty maps. Also, @@MultiLockOn will get plenty of recognition with whatever he makes because the man knows his map design Edit: minor spelling correction
  9. It's nice to see people playing classic settings on classic maps in H5. That looks very fun.
  10. One of the annoyances of being on a competitive gaming forum. In light of customization, I honestly hope one day there is a classic playlist with the spartan abilities removed and featuring all forge maps (remakes or just solid maps). Perhaps feature king of the hill and oddball while were at it. Maybe I could put on my rose-tinted glasses and ask Frankie on his lunch break. Halo 5's standard gameplay is half the reason I don't have a true ambition to [try] forge for H5, and thus I'm really not involved with the forge community anymore (on XBL that is). Even people's map walkthroughs depress me because they're using clamber and the bullshit abilities to make "sick" jumps. Halo 5 has such great potential IMO. There's so much I hate, but what I like (the single-shot weapons for example) keep me from selling everything Xbox one.
  11. The A and B to go up and down is one of the major things that messes me up so much, I have never felt so handicapped. I do hope they implement alternate control schemes one day. Well this is certainly a story I relate to. I guess I just need to sweat it out more then. Edit: laying out blocks or a simple remake. 30 minutes in, the dedicated server blew up and I am booted from my own fucking forge game. Just another reminder the future of Halo is awful
  12. It blows my mind every time someone says that, especially those who have actually used the previous forge to the point of full conditioning. I literally started a map on Halo Reach because of how much I hate H5's forge. I'll be lucky if I can port that over one day, except to get it ruined by sprint, thrust, and clamber.
  13. I have been on the exact same boat. It's like the Twilight Zone, where I have all these amazing books to read but my glasses are broken. My glasses being these piss and shit forge controls. It reminded me of moving from the XB360 to the Xbone.
  14. Greetings, I'm from forgehub too. I don't think you realize the major difference between what's wrong with Halo's forge and what's wrong with the outlook of the Halo franchise. I'll give you a hint. One provokes debate and the other one concerns issues that can be universally agreed with.
  15. This looks very legit for your first map ever. You seem to have the right idea with the CE/Quake vibe.
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