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  1. Yup I did! I know it's not exactly original but hey I love that movie.
  2. I'm glad that you are interested. I honestly just started getting back into the competitive scene too so I'm still alittle out of the Loop in the AGL area. I'm looking for another host or guest to speak on the AGL section but so far no volunteers. I might have one person though.
  3. Great to hear...I'm ready to do the show but looking for a time that is good with viewers. When is good for everyone? I would like to do it before tonight's game and would like to have a volunteer co-host for part of the show. If anyone has any knowledge in the following areas and wants to help out let me know: AGL Xbox One PS4 Lets do this guys.
  4. No prob...I can take a joke Nick the quick but on a more serious note I do appreciate the attention even if the show does suck...Speaking of which.. The show has been moved to tomorrow night. I got a couple of people that are interested in hosting with me but they are only able to do it tomorrow so I will be waiting until then. I'll keep everyone posted. But I will be doing a rehersal now tonight to just to make sure everything goes smoothly..feel free to stop by. Thanks http://excelsior.adobeconnect.com/theshow/
  5. wow....all that haterade over typing inside of quotes....and i'm the one with the problem? lol....ok
  6. Hey everybody, The Show will be airing alittle later tonight. most likely after the game. here's the link
  7. Lol It's been a while since I have been in the forum scene...I forgot about the grammer police. That's ok, ill take viewers any way I can get them...haters welcome ill post the link later today
  8. First show is going live tonight, sometime between 11 and 12. Follow me on twitter for the exact time of when it starts. What we are going to discuss Halo Sports (basketball and golf) Xbox 1 vs PS4 This only going to be about 20 - 30 min. Chat will be available as well as polling questions for your particpation. Hope we can get a couple of viewers.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm somewhat new to the community...well kind of. Like the rest of us I used to post all the time to the MLG Forums back in the day and then switched over to TLN when that was the place to go, since TLN I haven't done any forum postings. Like alot of halo players I pretty much fell off of playing halo in the past year but I'm looking to get back into it. I am going to start my own podcast show and was wondering if people would actually watch and participate in I actually started a show up with someone else back in TLN days and we only did one show but i felt it went really well. The problem with having a show with multiple people is you have to rely on them to do the show...so things have changed. I'm going to run and host the show myself. This is show will NOT be anything like Gandhi's show. Halo will be talked about but it's not the main focus...there is no real main focus. Here is an outline for my first show...please feel free to make suggestions. Guests are always welcome, all you need to have is a mic and webcam. Intro Who am I? What will be covered in the show? Gaming Sports Entertainment Will there be guests? Gaming update AGL update XBox One Play Station Sports Update Miami Golf Audience participation is what will drive this show...I know the first couple of shows will probably not have any attendance and thats fine but hopefully after a couple of shows I can pick up some viewers. Anyone that wants to add their opinion is welcome to via chat or mic/webcam. This can be planned or unplanned. Anyways, what does everyone think? Thanks ZeroCool

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