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  1. .......wow. On a more serious note, how did Cratos actually bust through the scene? I have a limited history to refer to.
  2. I feel you @Shooter and Bubu, this is beyond bullshit. I like how 343 and ESL are not able to respond to this situation. I'm sure their previous statement will hold no matter what happens with the rest of this situation.
  3. Hey friends, stay awhile and listen. I'm pretty late to the party, but I just saw Saucey getting hamboned on twitter by some dingbat about Beyond being cancerous. Which my response to this nonsense is simply: . I've decided to read back on this forum for a bit to get a feel for the drama. There is a ton going on, and to be frank I didn't go back to any ridiculous drama that has occurred over the last year+ so if there is something I'm missing be sure to correct where applicable. To be honest, whenever I see these orgs in esports that always do the "want to look good" or "we're just a family who want to be in esports"; tells me they don't care about the health of esports as a whole. They want clicks, likes, and young kids to buy their merch (working with orgs you get to know which ones are good and which ones are just shit). I frankly don't interact with E6 in any capacity, and when I see them around other games and events I just don't get the vibe of a team who wants to be in esports because they love it. Tell me if I'm wrong but wasn't E6 made by some family cause their kid wanted an esports team? If that's true that's just sad. On the topic of Showtime and Cratos, they need to be removed from HCS. Period. "Business Decision" HCS has been a unique beast. I remember getting into a call with Quinn Del Hoyo about a future partnership with 343 and the company I worked for at the time. Things never went the way I wanted to, but I thought 343 and ESL have things covered. Coming into this now and reading the news, there needs to be people who can walk into ESL HQ in CA on day 1 and say "this shit is wrong, and here's how we can fix it." To me, this seeding and ability to curt rules should have no place where competitive integrity exists. In essence, due to some loophole, players get shafted cause some guy gets mad about being kicked from a team cause he couldn't perform (not sure how good Cratos actually is, someone chime in here). This should not happen in ANY LEAGUE. I know that 343 and ESL have a partnership which extend to broadcasting rights to the game, but I'm not sure where the line is fully drawn where ESL takes over from 343. I don't like the LCS system (Open circuits, the better) but this game needs SOMETHING that can get it's ducks in an order and execute a league that can make Halo great again. A proposal of a few things I would do: - Roster lock at player level: Orgs can sign players, but the players must confirm their team (none of this 2 player bullshit). - Substitutes: I don't like the players moving teams every other day, its one of the BIGGEST reasons orgs will not invest into this game. Perfect example of this is my boss in 2013: Call of Duty and Halo? They change rosters like every week, why would we invest capital in unreliable teams? (not verbatim, but something he did say). Substitutes allow for players to be swapped if things aren't working, they would have to earn some kind of salary incentive for playing as a sub, and still be a part of the team practice and operations. - Official written deadlines site: Dota 2 does this: Major Roster List this allows fans to track live what roster changes are occurring and also puts the roster control in the hands of Valve. Something like this would be able to help rosters and keep things organized. 343/ESL, I love halo. I love halo esports. It what got me into esports in the first place and I have many people to thank for making me a huge fan of all the teams (shoutout to Carbon, Triggers Down, Status Quo, Str8 Rippin, Final Boss) you need to grow this thing, or we may be pushed to the wayside once again. I've been away from the Halo scene, but I always follow. I hope this game grows big, but it needs us to remain positive and open our community to new things taking place and allowing for the right change to happen. Orgs need to be more aware of our and especially players needs. I'm no Strongside, but my hope is that this game grows.
  4. Seems weird that they are apprehensive about it. I wouldn't be surprised if it's low priority (if any priority at all) for them currently.
  5. Question: Has 343 in any capacity talked about implementing a spectator UI that would work for HCS? I haven't been around Halo since AGL days so I'm just coming back to it.
  6. Dro

    OT Thread of OT

    I've been gone a long time. How's life everyone?
  7. To those of you who follow eSports as a whole, this afternoon Twitch has announced its acquisition of Good Game Agency (GGA). GGA is the agency run by Alex Garfield, who is a powerhouse in the eSports scene as the man who brought EG to the top and created Alliance (EU org). Read the article below. http://www.goodgame.gg/twitch/index.html I think it's good for eSports and the teams that are represented by GGA. Specifically for Halo fans, with CLG and EG being under GGA it will pay huge dividends for all players involved. What do you guys think?
  8. Having faith is a hard thing these days. At least 343 are pushing in the right direction.
  9. He takes his game seriously. Congrats to Faze too! I honestly was surprised Optic lost that, there has to be something happening within their structure soon if they don't win a championship (which is unfortunate but knowing how they react to past experiences it might be the case).
  10. Probably a design choice. If I recall the DMR in 4 has the same design on the scope. I would assume they are almost re skinning the gun with the same 3d model.
  11. After watching the vids I'm kind of curious as to how it will play on beta test. There are a ton of things in the game that have really deterred from what I would make out as "Halo Feel". Even the announcer is a bit off for me. Hopefully the beta proves to be good, if not I fear that we will have a repeat of events from our previous Halos for competitive (Reach, 4)
  12. DH was an unreal tournament for sure. Playing atm. PM me for PUGs!
  13. Dro

    OT Thread of OT

    Just got that premium feel boys. #Savesaucey
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