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  1. It's not happening but how do we think a team of aPG, Ace, Rayne, and Penguin would do?
  2. Current system is absolute garbage. Placements on a new account are highly inaccurate and if on old account never changes from previous season end now matter how you do, except it's capped at 1700. I'd prefer 1-50 big time, but if it's going to be csr it needs massive work. Reach's system was far better than this even. Even worse that once you're decent enough, it's just quantity over quality anyway.
  3. Allegiance tweets playing Str8 on featured but all I see on stream is waiting for EG-E6. What is going on? Thanks
  4. Maybe they mentioned it last night after I left off, but can someone please tell me if they gave a reason as to why Most Wanted is the 1 seed and didn't get the 1st round bye? How in the hell does the 5 seed get the bye? Even if the team that disbanded should have been 4th, clearly you just alter the seeding by bumping others up and making the 8 the bye.
  5. I would love to see EG vs E6 and EG win. Would be hilarious.
  6. So proud of Str8. PLEASE let OpTic win this series. Either way though, being an aPG fanboy and all, my interest in HCS took a big hit when he was out. Coming back with old OpTic last season brought it back up, but this season has really helped me to remember why I love this community and why I love watching aPG play halo so much. Also, aPG is RIPPIN.
  7. I'm not auto giving tonight's matchup to Str8, please take care of business. Also, OpTic win like you should.
  8. If they win tonight and tomorrow AND Luminosity loses tonight and tomorrow.
  9. Super pumped for tonight's matches. Hopefully Str8 wins and Luminosity loses. Also, interested in OpTic-Envy obviously. If Envy wins in any fashion they secure 1 seed, and if OpTic wins in any fashion they take 1 seed into final matches tomorrow.
  10. I can definitely agree with multiple of Simms suggestions, not all but would love to try out those options.
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