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  1. RC is getting pretty good. hopefully it stays that way on lan.
  2. Name not so bad, logo not so bad, team hopefully not so bad
  3. Nice! one of my best buds lives in Spokane. I added you last night maybe we'll get some games in. Andy-What's your gamertag?
  4. I just hope AGL8 will have more exciting matches with these team changes. Ambush is just boss tho! hoping for some close games!
  5. Ryanoob said on his stream that lethul doesn't care if they went as warriors or not. But I think they should just change it anyways
  6. definitely need help on objective. I never had a full team to play H4 with so it's pointless for me to jump in objective games and hope to get a good team with communication because everyone has their damn mic off haha. I really want to get good again, probably hit you up tonight
  7. well if you need a player. I'm down. I use to play a lot of and won a couple small locals back in the H1-H3. use to be really good but I joined the AF and I stopped playing when ODST and reach came out. Trying to get back into it again
  8. how's it going man, A buddy and I we're looking for some local WA's to play some games with. we were actually thinking of making a team for the Seattle event but guess not anymore. haha. probably try to hit you up tomorrow night

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