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  1. Hello all, Looking to get back into HCS. Competed last season and did ok. Have event exp. Can be on every night after 5pm. Gt: So Shinobi
  2. Greetings potential teammates! I just parted ways with my old team and am now looking to join a new one. I have 55 pts and have been to two events. I'm relatively high onyx in arena and slayer. Good obj/sup player. I'm really chill. Gt: So Shinobi
  3. Greeting my fellow Minnesotans! I'm looking for local peeps to play H5 with. Just parted ways with my team and looking to run some game with some new people. I live in Bloomington. Gt: So Shinobi
  4. Shinobi


    I like to stick to the Adobe Creative Suit (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, Speedgrade) Workflow is just so nice.
  5. No Name - So Shinobi, TheCraftyBeaver, Omg Its Flashhh and Lxghts Out.
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