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  1. Roxas

    NBA Thread

    lmao. Everyone in here or Off Topic for that matter,.
  2. Roxas

    NBA Thread

    Who wants to make it? Doesn't have to be just a NBA chat either.
  3. Roxas

    NBA Thread

    Should make a twitter groupchat tbh.
  4. Roxas

    NBA Thread

    Lauri is the next Dirk.
  5. Roxas

    NBA Thread

    Preseason starts tomorrow.... Feelsgoodman
  6. I've never read the books, but ye as a character Euron is pretty bad in the show.
  7. Roxas

    NBA Thread

    Smh Man is ass, rip
  8. Roxas

    NBA Thread

    Damn, my boi Jayhawks in shambles. #FireGarPax
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