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  1. What she didn't mention was they'll all be scorpio exclusive and that it's a single player console
  2. H3 warzone content. That'll satisfy all the fans, everyone loves warzone
  3. Apparently 343 used the same carrier to ship the worlds location as str8 did for their jerseys. Expect it in 16-20 weeks
  4. Anyway..........I know that every tournament will have off stream games that you're never going to see unless there's a break in the main stream and they can quickly cut to the side station. But what is stopping them having casters and recording this game play to publish after the event? We saw 1 game of the Inconceivable/Str8 match up, which looked epic. How many people would love to be able to go to twitch or youtube to catch the matches they missed? On top of this, lets have a master cut of the tournament. As it stands we have to go through about 400 Halo Wars 2 ads on a 10 hour stream. Have someone go through, cut the crap out and publish that video on youtube.
  5. This is for a great cause guys, if you can't watch please donate. Everything helps no matter the amount.
  6. aPG mentioned on stream that they'd be playing Optic tonight
  7. Did any other competitors have anything to say or just Naded? Nothing stuck out to me. Seemed like the kind of conversation that you would have when talking about those parties.
  8. I think everyone w0uld agree with who gets mvp for last night
  9. @@mediabrute killing it as usual CLG vs NV scrim tonight what a glorious day
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