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  1. Yes it does matter. The base settings for the main 4v4 playlists decides what 90% of the players are going to demand throughout the rest of the game, good or bad because that's what they play the most of and they're used to it. Game modes that are objectively more fun will not make it if they stray too far from the base settings in the most popular playlists. It's very important what the base settings are for Infinite.
  2. I can't wait to hear 343's annual "we listened" speech this year at E3.
  3. I've been playing CE on Xbox Live since 2000, I think I know what I'm talking about.
  4. There is something coming out this year in Q4 but it's not going to be a core Halo game.
  5. Lol at some people thinking 343 doesn't want MS to take down Halo Online. 343 is saying the classic line, "Oh we have no-say so in this! We would totally let Halo Online prosper if we could, but we can't so oh well. Pre-order Halo 6."
  6. Meh, I will say that the gaming industry has always had this problem, they've just been different topics. In 2004 when Steam made Half-Life 2 exclusive to their DRM service, that practice was unheard and generated a lot of controversy. Now it's the norm. In 2006, Horse Armor released and was made into a joke with how scummy it was. Now it's the norm. In 2008, EA included Day-1 DLC to Battlefield: Bad Company. It caused SarcasticGamer.com to boycott the game and it's still one of the, if not the most, successful boycott in the gaming community. EA caved and included the Day-1 DLC as a free download. Now it's the norm. In 2013, DayZ released their game in "Early Access", striking up controversy on selling an incomplete game with only promises. Now it's the norm for indie studios. Now the same is happening for cosmetics being omitted out of games and being sold separately. There's always going to be something and it's only going to get worst and worst for the consumer. Long gone are the days where you can just buy a game and enjoy it to its full extent. I had fun with Quake 3: Arena, Battlefield 1942, and Halo 2 & 3 with my friends before being suckered into this bullshit that's everywhere now, so I got my fun out of it. Sucks for everyone else lol.
  7. CoD and Battlefield are the only two IP's that can charge $60 for a Battle Royale game and still hold their own. Yes, Fortnite controls the market right now but there's still an opening for a FPS BR game. PUBG's relevance hangs on it being modern and in first-person though if another similar game like that is made and it's polished like a Battlefield or CoD game would be, PUBG might as well throw in the white towel since they'll have no 'exclusive' hook left. The BR cash cow can be shared between Fortnite and a military FPS game that's polished though that battle will likely be CoD vs. Battlefield and Battlefield has the upper hand since DICE has more experience with large maps with land and aerial vehicles.
  8. I had the same experince about a year ago. Friends and I wanted to paly something different one night after weeks of Overwatch so we decided on a few matches of H5. It was actually comical on how bad the aiming was. It was like watching a low-profit teenager horror flick with your friends just so you can make fun of it together.
  9. inb4 343 makes new poll. "All Halo fans who have not left the franchise by now, would you rather play Halo 5 or Halo 3?" Halo 5: 89% Halo 3: 11% 343: "As you can see, only 11% of fans prefer Halo 3. We respect all of our fans but it's clear what the majority wants."
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