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  1. That's because the game is still far away from being fixed... I still have trouble forming parties... etc. just a shit show my friend.
  2. To me, MCC is no where near saved and it never will be. So I've stopped playing, its the sane thing for me to do. The playlists are what dictate the Halo online experience and they are horrible. They fucking suck and they have barely changed since day one. They suck because they don't catter to the semi-competitive people, you know the ones who go try hard with radar enabled. That used to be a very big portion of past Halo players, say 50-60% (including myself) and the MCC has nothing to offer them. Now on top of that, add a failed launch that prevented everyone from playing and forced them to move on. Also, add the fact we never had a proper ranking system for most playlists and from what I've just heard for the actual ranked playlists themselves.. lol. As we all know, Halo started ranks on the console and had their fanbase embrace the idea because it was epic. It is epic to rank up. It drives you, but 343 are not competitive people... They don't understand the competitive drive of their fanbase and it will be their downfall... which they entirely deserve. MCC is never going to be fixed, ^^^ as someone said, its maybe 20% optimal right now. 20%!?!? How can a game survive or any product for that madder survive at 20% of its capabilities? It won't, it is the sad reality we must all except and it's time for us to move on to a less abusive relationship. Or else, we also won't make it out alive. Here is a good approximation of how the MCC playlists should have shipped under 100% optimal conditions, this set of playlist (or something similar) would of catered to everyone but as you all know it didn't happen.... Single-game Team playlists (radar enabled) Halo CE 4v4 Team (Team Slayer and Objective) - RANKS Halo 2 4v4 Team (Team Slayer and Objective) - RANKS Halo 2A 4v4 Team (Team Slayer and Objective) - RANKS Halo 3 4v4 Team (Team Slayer and Objective) - RANKS Halo 4 5v5 Team (Team Slayer and Objective) - RANKS Cross-game playlists (all games unless noted otherwise, radar enabled) Team Slayer 4v4 (top 3 Slayer maps from each game) Team Snipers 4v4 (H2, H2A, H3) - RANKS Team Swat 4v4 (top 3 Slayer maps from each game, perhaps no H1?, perhaps a few Objective gametypes mixed in) - RANKS Single (FFA) playlists (radar enabled) Rumble Pit (H2, 8 players) - RANKS Love Wolves (H3, 6 players) - RANKS Doubles (2 man team) playlists Multiteam (2v2v2v2, H2, H3; radar enabled) Team Doubles (H2, H3; radar enabled) - RANKS Doubles Pro (H1; radar disabled) - RANKS Big Team Battle (8v8) playlists Big Team Battle (Team Slayer and Objective; all games) Big Team Battle Pro (Team Slayer and Objective; H2, H3 (75% H2, 25% H3); radar enabled and disabled if all players are above rank level 25?) - RANKS Competitive playlists Halo 2A Competitive 4v4 (Team Slayer and Objective, radar disabled) Team Hardcore (H2, Team Slayer and Objective, radar disabled) Halo 3 MLG (H3, Team Slayer and Objective, radar disabled) 18 playlists which would have catered to everyone, competitive, semi-competitive or rookie.Lone wolves, 2v2, 4v4 and BTB guys as well. It would of pleased all 4 fanbases (H1, H2, H3, H4) It could of been brilliant, it could of been a hell of a lot of fun, it could of worked, it could of been awesome.... but it didn't pan out that way. So yeah, my vegan soul despises 343 just as much as you guys and I am most certainly on board to not buy Halo 5.
  3. Fuck it. I'll post. Obviously, after Halo 4 and Halo MCC there isn't one solution... but a good start would be for 343 to actually play their game. This way they could see first hand all the lingering problems. I wouldn't expect them to see and solve all problems, but they would see some like: Exhibit A: Having objective gametypes in the Halo 2 playlist not mention whether it is SMG or BR starts. It sucks, it creates ambiguity and it doesn't take long to realize it when you test/play your product. Exhibit B: Standoff MultiFlag in the Halo 3 4v4 playlist, that gametype is far from 4v4 and again if 343 would play there game they would see that. Unfortunately, they hold themselves to a higher standard and they continuously push out bullshit they themselves wouldn't even play. GG.
  4. Hosting H2C customs starting 9h30 eastern time. Message me here or on line if your interested. Starting soon! GT: Vegan Elite p.s. looking for one more
  5. Hosting customs tonight at 9h30. Looking for 1 more to have some 3 on 3 customs. Should be some fun, message me here or on Xbox live. GT: Vegan Elite
  6. Hosting some classic Halo 2 tonight if anyone is interested. Start time is 9h30 EST. We're currently 5 players, looking for atleast one more. Hopefully 3 more Message me with your gamertag and I'll add you. Mine's: Vegan Elite
  7. If the matches are always unfair, its pretty hard to enjoy the experience, even if its CE/H2C.
  8. Team doubles should feauture two playlists: 2v2 Halo CE - no radar 2v2 H2 and H3 combined - BR starts - radar on Thoughts?
  9. Hey guys, and to all the others I didn't quote I'm hosting mostly H2C customs this Friday. Start time is 9h30 EST time. We are already 4, searching for 4 more. We're also probably gonna try out some CE and H3 customs as well. Rules are simple: good times and precision rifle starts. Just to warn you, at first we will definitely be playing with the radar on. We're semi-competitive here Personal message me if you are interested GT: Vegan Elite
  10. Hey guys, and to all the others I didn't quote I'm hosting mostly H2C customs this Friday. Start time is 9h30 EST time. We are already 4, searching for 4 more. We're also probably gonna try out some CE and H3 customs as well. Rules are simple: good times and precision rifle starts. Just to warn you, at first we will definitely be playing with the radar on. We're semi-competitive here
  11. That, combined with how unforgiving Halo 2 is makes uneven teams awful. You get out BRed, than you lose all power weapons, its just merciless. And why? Because 343 can't properly code a few if statements...it goes like this 343: If (Blue team == Red team) danStart the game else danDon't start the fucking game
  12. Don't blame you. I also actually played against you the other day on Lockout. Surprise, surprise it was some 5v4 (you were on the team of 4 lol)
  13. Yo! That's exacly to type of people I'd be interested in playing customs with. I'm hosting H2/H3 customs friday night. Would you be interested?
  14. I'd like to see the chubby all of us hardcore BTBers would get if we'd actually get a Big Team Battle Pro playlist. 1-50 ranks -no radar -75% Halo 2 BR/SMG starts -25% Halo 3 BR/AR starts, 110% speed modifier (Valhalla 5 plot Territories is too good to pass up :P) Of course, the percentage should change according to the community feedback. However, as it stands, the percentages would work out nicely.
  15. Well for starters, to extract the full potential of MCC it implies a Halo:CE 2v2 no radar playlist. It also implies a bunch of other awesome playlists like Big Team Battle Pro. You know OG Halo 2 BTB except with no radar And you said probably :P which means you're unsure, but I think the source of your uncertainty lies in the ability of 343 extracting the full potential of MCC. I don't blame you.
  16. Ironically, and realistically, whether they know it or not. The best sales strategy for Halo 5 is the best MCC possible. It just is. Just imagine how awesome it would be, if by some miracle, they could truly extract all the potential out MCC. If they did, each and every one of us would be so thankful, so grateful, that it would be impossible for us to not thank them. Therefore, I for one would definitely buy Halo 5. Just to thank them. But at the moment, they deserve no thanks and no respect.
  17. Well, if you have still haven't been fooled enough by 343 and you like Halo. You won't really have a choice but to buy Halo 5 since it'll be the only Halo functioning. Its a sad twisted thought process, but I don't know what to think anymore. They've dissapointed so much its incredible. Either way I've been plenty fooled by 343 which is why I have no fucking appetite for Halo 5.
  18. Patch has made finding matches faster, pretty fast actually. Now as for the quality of those matches.... This all towards the H2C playlist -I played 5 matches and they were all one sided (Ranks please) -The playlist is very inconsistent towards your starting amount of grenades. You should always be spawning with two grenades but I've played a lot of games where you just spawn with 1 grenade (foundation, gemini etc.) -Fix the max lobby count to 8. This will have such a beneficial effect, it is incredible. It'll get you faster matches and there will be a lesser chance of starting with uneven teams cause now that'll only happen with a lobby of 7 rather than with a lobby of 9 as well. -Still having trouble balancing the teams, but that is mostly due to the game stating "Match found" when there are only 7 or 9 players in the lobby The grenade count and max lobby count can and should be corrected as fast as possible. No ranks is really not good, as much as I love Halo, a big incentive is taken away when there are no ranks. You said ranks are coming soon, abide your word 343.
  19. And its not nearly as big as what it could be if they trully fixed MCC and offer continued support until and beyond Halo 5
  20. Well halo pros will favor how they remember being pros at it. So they'll most likely favor button combos over static timers just because that's what they remember playing. Their opinions are equally biased. Also, its been stated quite a few times here that pros don't necessarely know what makes the best Halo game. Rather, they are amazing at playing the game. That's their specialty.
  21. Static timers because they make the game more balanced and it makes controlling weapons much more intuitive.
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