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  1. And H2A and Halo 4, lmao. I still remember when... Dan Aboob: "Oh yeah, we reimagined Relic for eSports, Pros we'll love it!" Pros: "Lol, we hate the map actually"
  2. Does anyone know the website tracking the issues in MCC? I know it's like a dedicated site or article or something keeping track of what's fixed and what isn't.
  3. I've come back after 123907 years, and I have no idea what's going on? My goodness. I'm so lost.
  4. The rest of the world got massively fucked. We (LATAM) got a massive middle finger both in MCC and Halo 5. I can't imagine Australia and New Zealand.
  5. That's the thing though, it wasn't super controllable and it was pretty random at times. Because Hill wasn't design to do that, it wouldn't always count the right amount of player and sometime it wouldn't even do that at all. It's not like its an option or most players knew about it - so it's hard to predict the gametype's behavior. It'd be completely different if it was an intentional mechanic, with custom-games options settings available and if it was consistent. I personally don't like the idea of sacrificing positioning for a few seconds to see IF you gonna get that extra point/sec. You know what I mean?
  6. I thought the glitch was that if you had multiple people in the Hill zone before it appeared you could stack up the amount of points you could gain with only one person. So if 3 people were chilling in the zone, then the Hill appeared and finally there was only one player left inside the Hill... that person could still get 3 points per second instead of 1. Thats how I remembered it.
  7. Hell nah. Shotty, hammer and sword with zoom? Who the heck thought that was a good idea? I don't think every weapon should have ads.
  8. I think sarcastic. If that happened in a tournament people would go crazy! Reminds me of Halo 3 days. WHY THE HECK IT TOOK 2 YEARS TO HAVE ODDBALL IN HALO 5?
  9. Blops4 is trending worldwide, cannot wait for Halo to be trending worldwide
  10. Thought most of the things pointed out in the video were fixed in an update back then.
  11. Not gonna lie, this bothers the crap out of me... so... SOMEONE'S MELEE WHO DOESN'T JUMP >>>> SOMEONE WHO IS MEELEING MID-AIR?
  12. Anyone who downvotes this post, I'll block the shit out of you. /s
  13. Maybe not the best thread for this question, but what are your thoughts on Teleporters? I'm actually curious if you guys think it's a good/bad idea to have them? Was that a flaw that H1/H2 had compared to the newer Halos which didn't have that many teleporters? Halo 5 has basically none.
  14. I'm not a fan of his perspective since when he said DMR Bloom is the best utility weapon. I'm sorry, but just because you're the GOAT doesn't mean I can't disagree with you.
  15. https://twitter.com/TrevelyanSII051/status/988593223055667200 Every time I see random people being douchy in the internet, pushing for a fan-made game to be shutdown, demonizing the people involved in the process, saying classic Halo wouldn't be a huge success --- it reminds me how much I honestly love being here with you guys. I love you all, I love Beyond.
  16. That's why I support somewhat the idea of Universal Settings in Halo, and I kind of liked how 343 tried to do that. But I strongly believe that you either have the settings pretty much perfected at launch, or you don't try such thing and stick to Social/Ranked settings. I don't know man, 343 completely abandoning universal settings after launch (honestly, a while after it launched) left a bad taste in my mouth. IMO: Community will most likely accept either type of settings; like Halo: CE's or Halo 3's, as long as it's well done for BOTH sides and has a good amount of content - for casuals players and competitive players. Just my 0.0002 Bolivar cents.
  17. There was some very interesting conversations in that Tweet thread tho! My boi adam hitting the target with that H:CE example.
  18. I'm curious. Do you guys think it's fair that T2 isn't casting because of that tweet?
  19. Ryan just shuttup and go back playing with your covenant dinosaurs or whatever
  20. TO BE FAIR THO, he had a good point about it and he was actually pretty nice about it too. Why are we running tournament servers on a laptop that isn't plugged in? Thankfully tho, MLG acted super quick and made sure they had turrets standing-by for the rest of the tourney.
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