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  1. thanks for your response, i appreciate it! here is hoping that the staggered launches make it better than the catastrophe back in 2014
  2. hey all, is MCC on PC going to have classic halo 2 or just the anniversary edition, and im also curious about halo 1. i cant find any clear info googling it. if it doesnt have these theres no point for me buying it
  3. box

    OT Thread of OT

    that is a big ass baby congrats bro im sure youll be a good father
  4. box

    OT Thread of OT

    no im going to bum off of u do u have a spare bed
  5. box

    OT Thread of OT

    the weak should fear the strong
  6. box

    OT Thread of OT

    im probably moving to boston soon
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    OT Thread of OT

    say it to my face bitch youll regret it!! i will literally destroy u
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    OT Thread of OT

    went 2 portugal was p cool
  9. i love u too btw im soooo soore but it feels so good
  10. i was driving when i heard about england vs iceland and i started laughing so hard i had to pull over
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    Music Thread

    posting a banger
  12. this is my subjective opinion but i disagree that it plays better than mcc, there is something very off with how h2 vista feels as opposed to mcc version.
  13. you dont have to believe me, but u might want to take a look at how much h2 i played https://halo.bungie.net/stats/playerstatshalo2.aspx?player=fe%20thebox&ctl00_mainContent_bnetpgl_recentgamesChangePage=9
  14. i really really dislike all the movement bullshit in new fps games, the only game i thought it worked in was when it was just sprint in CoD 4 and the expansions or whatever you want to call the rest of them the only fps game thats been released this decade that i like is cs go kek
  15. no risk being involved would be executing it 100% of the time, also like i said it affects your movement, which i believe nullifies the advantage gained with shooting faster. like i said you will only see it in 4's when someone was in a situation they couldn't win otherwise. in ffa it's a different story.
  16. find some event vod from eli, who was the best at quad shotting in halo 2. count the number of times you see him quad shot through a series, i bet you'll still be on your first hand. going around trying to quad shot everything is like rushing br tower from top middle by yourself when the other team has 4 up and a full setup over and over again, it isn't the optimal thing to do. if you were an average player in competitive h2, lets say like lb rd 4 in am, and had a quad shot button in your controller, you would still be absolutely worthless in a 4s game at a high level. 80% of being good at competitive halo has to do with decision making and communication.
  17. why risk a 5% chance of fucking up what is a guaranteed kill? not to mention the fact that actually doing the motion required some sacrifice of mobility in game, it's pretty awkward and the timing is relatively strict. sure i would do it if i were down shots, but unless something extremely unusual happened it wasn't going to turn the fight. yes, i consciously decided not to quad shot in 9/10 situations in 4's and 7/10 situations in ffa, and i can assure you i could do it like breathing.
  18. no they dont, not against good players at least. no doubt i could go into team slayer and quad shot two people shooting at me at the same time, but i hope that's not the kind of situation you are talking about here. i legitimately had full command of quad shotting, as in i could aim it as i would shooting regularly and execute it 95/100 times. and in most circumstances it was not even worth going for outside of ffas. on top of that there were maybe 100-200 people in the game tops who could do this.. retroactively i feel like people imagine h2 as this game where people were just running around quad shotting all the time, and it was never like this. a lot of the best people in the game never even used it. as for the other button combos, if you couldn't execute them every single time you were simply shit at the game. it was a non factor at a competitive level, all it did was open the possibilities of what you could do, which made the game more fun and dynamic, but at the same time everyone else could do it too.
  19. h1: 9 (4v4 is actually quite shit in this game, unless you are just goofing on blood gulch with your friends. also, the off host/on host thing is really irritating. at this point i am not sure how many people have actually experienced this game to give it an actual rating, i'm going to be 26 next month and i was 11 when this game came out.) h2: 9 (best 4v4 and ffa game. it was definitely not perfect though there was quite a lot of bullshit with melees not connecting and hit registration online was shaky) h3: 7 (online 6, it was a solid game but there was no magic to it in my opinion. i believe that it was over developed. h2 and especially h1 were accidents.) reach: 5 reach nbns: 7 (maybe halo would not have died if reach was released like this, it was quite a playable game with amazing online, however, i had been out of the game for way too long to seriously get back into it at this point and i think a lot of people fell into this situation) h4: 1 (literally returned after less than a week, i was so appalled) h2 anniversary: 4 h5: have not even played it
  20. box

    OT Thread of OT

    my niggа aaaaaaahahah
  21. it was so long ago, but i believe in 07 he was on the agency with victory and mackeo. i think that was the third best team. i just feel like he was better at h2 individual wise. i remember in like 05 or early 06, before they were known players i had played him in neighbor in 2v2's like ten games straight and i dont think that we broke 30 against them, i got so mad i just turned off my xbox kek snipedown just played online in h2 he pissed everyone off cause he would take a shit on current pros in customs, and he would get these absurd hit percentages in ffa's, like 70%+, cause he didn't bother shooting anyone unless he thought he could get the kill. a lot of people tried to copy his style it was unique, because the regular way to play was to put out as many shots as possible like 1400+, he would do like half that. i like this thread a lot, i haven't thought about halo in years
  22. anything past halo 3 should be valued minimally for the simple fact that it was essentially just all the people that kept playing that increased the level of competition within a small group of 20 or 30 players..
  23. i think SK was a lot better at halo 2 actually, hysteria was also really really good at h2 but teams were really really averse to picking up unproven players until snipedown happened in h3 i think if people thought about picking up players the way they did in halo 3, in halo 2, snipedown hysteria and pistola would have been on top 4 teams.. hypothetically
  24. 1. ogre 2 2. ogre 1 3. pistola 4. roy 5. naded 6. lunchbox 7. legit 8. snipedown 9. shockwave 10. fearitself this is just my personal opinion and 99.9% based on halo 2 and 3 when i played here is my list just from halo 2 1. ogre 2 (i didnt play halo 1 and i know it was even worse back then but i literally did not even understand how he was so good, in 2007 he could have been number 1 2 and 3. some of his tournament matches in the later stages of the bracket looked like he was searching team hard core on a smurf account from an individual perspective) 2. naded 3. ogre 1 (i think he stopped caring in 2007, he was probably the best in 05 and early 06. in halo 3 im pretty sure he was in australia for like the first 6 mo of the game and barely played and still was crazy good some how) 4. strongside 5. shockwave 6. legit 7. gandhi (maybe was the best player for some time in 2006, if you played him on sanctuary he would just sit in the rocks and his carbine and shut down the entire other team by himself. it didnt matter if you unzoomed him he would at least drop your shields 90% of the time) 8. ghostayame 9. karma 10. lunchbox (he was better than roy at halo 2 imo) honorable mentions. (ppls that i thought were amazing at h2 but underrated overall) soviet pow wow (also amazing and underrated) dysphoria defy in 2005 and 2006 dirt migirt bonfire hulk z cloud d fury snipedown (even tho he was purely online in h2 he was still incredible)
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